Tuesday, 25 December 2007

NBT Christmas Decoration Part II

Hey...I managed to take some night picture of the NBT Christmas decoration. There are just so many people and it was already 11ish pm!

Anyway, here are some of the pictures that I took

More pictures here

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2008

Ho..Ho..Ho..Merry Christmas

Been out and about today. Went to do some grocery shopping and I totally forgot that the government staffs have received their bonus! I went to The Mall in Gadong and the basement parking was full!! So I have to find parking around The Mall! That area are always packed and full of cars trying to look for parking and lucky me, I manage to get one!!

Did my grocery shopping and good thing I have my friend with me to carry it for me! Just before going home I decide to stop by NBT to take some photos of the Christmas Decoration. I have been trying to take pictures of it but it rains almost everynight! Although I prefer to take night shots of the decoration but this time I decide to take it during the day before they dismantle it.

There are so many people around there! It is always been the most popular place during every festivity. Family of all races will go there and take pictures of the decoration. I managed to snap few photos of it.

More photos here

Sunday, 23 December 2007

What A Blast & Glittery Birthday

First of all, I would like to say Thank You so much to Hj. Salim, the owner of NRA Cafe, for organising a birthday party for me. I really do not know what was the program for that night so i just wait for all the surprises that they have planned. The member involved in this birthday party was Amoi, Joyce and Alin. The only thing that I was told is that I will be expecting 60 guests! I was so shocked to hear that..Never in my Birthday life that I have so many guest. I wonder who are the guests! Non of my bandar friends wanted to join the party as they were too shy to face all the guests..hehe

As I enter NRA Cafe, I was amazed and touched to see the effort they have put to decorate the cafe to such a beautiful place. There are balloons everywhere and even my name hanging over the wall.

The guests arrived around 7ish...and I hardly know some of the guests who were invited. And everyone who entered the cafe brought a present along with them for me! It really make me wonder though....so I asked Joyce about the invitation card that was sent to the guest which I never seen it. I opened one of the guests invitation card and i laughed! Look at the picture below and you will know why.....

Seriously, I do not know what was planned and don't even know what's the programme. All I know there will be singing, lucky draw and disco ^_^ The lucky draw bit was fun and the first number that was picked was my no.!! hehehe.. Prizes are really good too.

What surprises me was the part when Mr. Nik, the emcee talk a bit of my life history. Really didn't expect that coming and the embarrassing part was when he mentioned that I participated few singing competition and never won!! hahahahaha....It's true though..

Later I was asked to make a speech...gosh...I'm really bad with speech..

Around 10, it's time to disco! And guess what, I was asked to be the first to start the dance. I felt a bit uneasy with that and what makes it worst is that they started to play a dangdut song! hahaha...i just don't know how to dance dangdut...hehe...later everyone join in and we had lots of fun swinging those hips!!

There were prize presentation for:

Early Birds

Best Male Performer

Best Female Performer

The party finished just before 12am. It was an enjoyable and memorable birthday party! ... oh oh!! I forgot about something....The cutting of my birthday cake!! The lights were dimmed, cake came out with candles and everyone was singing. I blush easily and i do not know how red my face was at that time. When I saw the cake, I was speechless..I never ever had a cake that big and I never ever have so many people singing for me!

Once again, i sincerely would like to thank Hj Salim, the owner of NRA Restaurant and Karaoke Cafe  and also those involved for organising such a big birthday party for me. Really really appreciate it!
Click on RCKP Activities Photos for more

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Double Celebration in December

My brother wedding went well on 15 and 16 December 2007. And today, I celebrated my sweet xx birthday. hehe... This year birthday is a bit special than my previous birthdays. This year, I have 2 additonal member to the family to celebrate it with me. It's my sister in-law and baby Chloe.

It is always great to have your family members to celebrate your special day together. Got $$$ from parents, younger bro, sis and bro-in law. And got a 'Alain Delon' work bag. Love it! My bro and sister in law postponed their honeymoon just because they wanted to celebrate my birthday. They will  go for their honeymoon tomorrow :)

On 22 December, my friends are organising a birthday party of over 60 guests for me! I was so touched about it and really looking forward to it. Just wait for my birthday updates :) As you might have realise that many of the items on my wishlist are gone. To my friends who gave me those lovely presents, I would like to say thank you so much and will treat you guys soon. Not bad eh having a wish list in my blog...hehe.

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Wedding of Tony Chua & Yvonne Yong

Just got home after a long day of event for my brother's wedding.

I slept around 2 am yesterday and got up at 5 am as we need to leave the groom's place in Muara at 6am. It's a chinese tradition that the bride have to be at the groom's place between 10 am and 12pm. 

The bride live in KB, so that is the reason why we have to leave early. Leaving early is one thing, and we can't drive too fast too as we are worried that the wedding car's decoration might come off. Drove 100km/hr and man it take ages to arrive the bride's house.

We arrive the bride's place around 8am. As usual, the bride will be hiding in the room and when everything settle, the bride's parents will lead the daughter and handover their daughter to the groom. Tea ceremony is one of the most important event in Chinese wedding. This is to introduce their groom to the bride's family and also calling the bride's parents "Dad" and "Mom"

Once everything is done, we head back to Muara. There we had the tea ceremony too and group photos too. It was really an eventful day and tomorrow night will be the wedding banquet.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

For The Sake of Fun

I received this forwarded email from a friend. You might have seen this before but I find it quite interesting. It is true how some Chinese people cannot pronounce 'R'. I am a chinese myself and sometimes I do get tongue twisted when it come to pronounce 'R'.....Enjoy...

One of the main reasons why in recent years the Singapore Government has always ensured that their Miss Universe representative were of tertiary level education or higher was because of the following incident which occurred not too many years ago. It is the final round of the Miss Universe Pageant and the 3 finalists, Miss USA , Miss Malaysia and Miss Singapore are being asked 4 simple questions:

The first question is name me an electrical appliance starting with "L"

Miss USA

Miss Malaysia
Light bulb

Miss Singapore

Judge: No, no, Radio does not start with the letter "L"

I am going to give you 3 more chances; Now, name me an animal starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA

Miss Malaysia

Miss Singapore

Judge: No, no, no!

Your next chance. The name of a famous car that starts with "L"

Miss USA

Miss Malaysia

Miss Singapore

Judge: Oh my God!

I am going to give you one last chance! Name me a fruit starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA

Miss Malaysia

With full of confidence, smiles and says:

Miss Singapore,

This is not the end of the story, the Judge consulted the board of judges to determine if Miss Singapore should really be disqualified ; and they decided that since Miss Singapore was having so many problems with the letter "L", they decided to give her another chance.

OK, the final question is : Name me a human anatomy starting with the letter "L"

Miss USA
Lung (applause)

Miss Malaysia
Liver (even more applause)

Miss Singapore

The Judges fainted..!!!
Note: For those who doesn't know what Lan Ciau mean..well...it's the male private part...hehe...

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Holiday Mood

We are left with 19 days before we say goodbye to 2007 and Welcome 2008! Time really flies! Imagine all the things that I have done early this year....what did I do?? hehe... Let me think..

1. Travelled to Australia and Singapore for work for few times.
2. Got Increment ^_^ .. Thanks Boss
3. Becoming more active in updating my blog
4. Bought a 2nd hand lens from Ucing hitam.
5. Create the addictive Facebook (Very EVIL)
6. Lots more...can't think of it...

Do you have this feeling that when you know the end of year is coming and you are going to have a long leave...you feel so lazy to work...hehehe... That;s what happening to me right now. Too many going to happen in this coming 2 weeks before the end of 2007! My brother's wedding will be held this week and a birthday party for "Someone" will happen next week...hehehe...

With this opportunity I would like to wish all my Christian Friends

Animations - merry christmas 2 Animations - ornament

Monday, 10 December 2007

HP iPAQ rx5770 @ QQestore

Went to QQestore during lunch time to collect HP iPAQ rx5770...the one I have in my wishlist *wink*. Oh this PDA is for my brother-in-law. My sis asked me to get it for her..It's their 1st Anniversary. Checked the PDA and it really good :) Fast and very clear screen. Waited there for 30mins though cos I was waiting for my free gift, a 256 SD Memory card!

Finally the guy came to me and tell me that there is no more 256MB memory card in stock so he recommended me to upgrade to 1GB by paying the difference. I say "NO NO NO!..It's not my fault that you do not have a 256MB in stock..What if you upgrade it to 512MB for free!" He kept quiet and called the office. Finally he came back to me and gave me a 1GB Memory card. Hey..I asked for a 512MB and he gave me 1GB...what a lucky day! hehehe

Seriously...It's a good PDA. So if anyone of you out there who wish to buy me the PDA for my birthday or Xmas, please do so ... hehehe

Busy and Hectic Weekend

As my brother's wedding will be in a few days time, we have been really busy getting my parents' house clean and tidying up. The house is still in a mess as it is still under renovation and 95% is completed. Hope it will complete before the wedding day!!

Didn't have a proper meal during the weekend. All we had is takeaway. Mom too busy to cook, so I volunteer to buy food for lunch and dinner. We have Ayamku last night . Surprisingly the queue was long last nite and lots of customer do take away.

Tonight there will be another small feast at home but unfortunately I cannot have the food that will be serve. I am a vegetarian today....it's a long story...but being a buddhist, I am willing to do it :)

Thursday, 6 December 2007

Car Accident Which Claim 2 Lives

This morning, I was trying to call a close friend of mine but can't get hold of him. That's not like him for not answering my call. So called him another hour later and still no answer. So I thought he might be busy with his work or attend a meeting.

Later he called me and told me that he was at one of his staffs fiance house. Wondering why..so i asked him jokingly "Bahapa kau kesana? Hantaran? Kan Kahwin?..hehehe.." He then told me that he attended his staff's fiance funeral. I was like..who passes away. His staff's fiance was in a car accident last night and pass away. It involve with 2 cars and the other car driver passed away too.

Was told that they just got engage and been talking about hantaran and so on. My friend see him regularly as he is always at the office to pick his fiance up for lunch and a nice guy too.

Although I do not know him but I do sympathise for his fiance, parents and friends.

So to those who read this, if you think you are a wreckless, ignorant and irresponsible motorist, please change now and avoid the lost of your life or someone's love ones. It is really difficult to lost someone you see everyday who is in good health and just leaves us for good in a blink of our eyes...because of car accident. . . .

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Blogging Viia Email

I have just realise that I have an email address that I can send, to do my blogging. So am trying it out now. Tried using my mobile phone earlier and it doesn't work. Something wrong with my email setting..i think or probably with the service provider..hmmmm..... So am using my computer now. Hope this work.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Magic Elevator

Not sure if you have seen this..so I thought I would share this comic with you.

Friday, 30 November 2007

My Birthday Wish List

As my brithday is approaching soon and I will be turning ##, so my demand for birthday gift is kinda high. As your age increases, you tend to get more greedy when it come to presents . . . Ha ha ha....

Feel free to browse through "My Birthday Wish List" and think whether I, who are so helpful, kind, generous and considerate to my friends, deserve to get those for my birthday.

If you decide to get me one of the items in my wishlist, I will be very happy and Thank You well in advance, BUT please do let me know what you getting so that I can inform my other friends not to get the same gift. I don't want my other friends to be disappointed or upset for getting the same present like yours. Told you i am very considerate...

Thank you for your consideration.

...he he he he.....

Wedding Registration @ KB Court

Yesterday was my brother's wedding registration day. It was suppose to be last week but was postponed to yesterday due to unavailabilty of the staff at the court.

My bro look fresh and gave us a big smile yesterday when we came to pick him up, despite of him returning from work at 12.30 midnight. We were almost blind by him as he came out from the house! He was wearing bright red...hehehe....Ah well, it's his special day and he need red to brighten the day and a sign of happiness. Then later we went to the florist to get a bouquet of 9 roses for the wife to be in over an hour time.

As we reach there, we saw another lady wearing red!! And it's my brother's fiancee! hehe...No wonder lah...berjanji already to wear red.

As we enter the court building, the security in charge was my old classmate! It's always nice to meet an old friend eh! We proceed to the Civil Wedding Registry and then came this lady who turn out to be my cousin's sister-in-law. Gosh, didn't know that we have relatives working in there..hehe...

We were asked to wait for awhile for the Registrar to arrive. As usual, I took photographs of the event. Nowadays, people are crazy to have their photograph taken! Like the old days, people seems to be shy....hehe....

Masa sibuk sibuk mengambil gambar, then came in the registrar. Then I was like...not another one!! The registrar is my auntie's niece, Dk. Masni. What a small world! hehe...We totally didn't expect her to be the registrar...

After the exchange of vow and rings, the Registrar congratulate both of them. There is one sentence that she says that make me laugh is "Congratulation! Now I pronouce you husband and wife. Congratulation Mr. Chua and Congratulation Mrs. Chua...and get used to it!!" hehehe..

The registration went well and now it is official that I have a sister-in-law!

Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Favourite Place For Car Accident?

Here are two car accident photos that was taken within 2 weeks period. Can you guess where about it is? Can you find the similarity in both the photos?

YES, it's at Kiarong/Kiulap roundabout. This is the most favourite place for ignorant motorist to get an accident. It always happen at the junction leaving the roundabout.

I wonder when will they learn?!

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Baby Chloe's Growing Up Video

Chloe is growing really fast. She is already 2 months 23 days. Gosh I can see the changes in her development over the last 2 months. When she arrived home for the first time, all she did was sleep and sleep. Then after few weeks, she is more alert and start looking at things. And now over 2 months, she start to laugh, baby talk and love watching TV! Not sure it's a good or bad thing for a baby..hehe..

Although she is not my child, but by the end of the working day, got home and look at her, she really can cheer you up.

Chloe on Day 1 (4 September 2007)

Chloe on 2 Months 22 Days ( 26 November 2007)

Monday, 26 November 2007

DHI Water Environment talk @Empire

My colleague and I were invited to attend a talk regarding a software called MIKE at Empire Hotel & Country Club this morning. It is a DHI software where it is use to model from water supply to flood. Quite an interesting talk. It was presented by Chris who is currently working with DHI Malaysia based in Kota Kinabalu. And a guest speaker from Germany...can't recall his name...opppsss...hehe..

The talk lasted for 2 hours and then lunch at Atrium. Seriously, I was quite surprise of the arrangement. The talk was free and we have such a luxury lunch...I really didn't expect that coming! hehe

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Food Testing For My Brother's Wedding

December 15, 2007 will be one of the most memorable day for our family as we welcome another new member to the family. My eldest brother will be getting married.

At the moment, we are quite busy preparing for his wedding. We have to hunt high and low for the emcee, photographers, decorator for the stage and bride & groom's car.

Normally, before the actual day of the wedding, we were asked to try the food that will be serve on that day. Oh by the way, the wedding will be held at Orchid Garden Hotel. My sister's wedding was held here as well last year. They serve excellent food and great service.

I didn't eat much for lunch as I was reserving my tummy for the food. hehehe.. Below are few of the dishes that will be served on the wedding reception. I missed taking picture on some of the dishes as I was so concentrated on the food that I totally forgot about taking the pic..hehe.

And this is the lovely couple...

Monday, 19 November 2007

Pasar Malam Gadong

A friend of mine sms me and asked me if I can do her a favour. She asked me to get Kueh Malaya at the Pasar Malam @Gadong for her. Gosh, the last time i was there was in 1996, i think. That was the time Im on my final year at MDPMAB doing my 'A' Level.

Driving to that area is not easy! Traffic and difficult to get a parking. Eventually I got one which is near to the tents...BUT there is a sign in front saying "Tidak DiBenarkan Meletak Kenderaan pada hari Jumaat dan Ahad" Hmmm....my brain was thinking..shall i move to other parking place or just take the chance of getting towed! Being a good bruneian..I move my car to other parking slot....NOT!!! I just park my car there..hehe...

I was told to look for Stall 62 for the Kueh Malaya. It took me awhile to walk around that area and look for the stall. Most of the numbering are no longer there but I manage to find the stall. The Kueh Malaya there so laku lah. I have to queue for it.

Didn't spend too much time there cos I can't stand the smoke from other stalls. hehe.. I had a busy day anyway helping parents on their new home.

Saturday, 17 November 2007

Want A Piece of my Apple?

My world of IT suddenly change after I decided to buy an Apple that was partly eaten.... I have never been interested in using Apple eversince I tried using it a donkey years ago. It was so complicated and just don't like it. Until lately, Apple came out with such a wonderful look on their computer and also it's function. A friend of mine bought a 20" iMac and told me what it can do!! I was so tempted and decide to go Apple shop in Kiulap. After messing around with their computer there, i was thinking, shall I get the 20" iMac or Apple Mac Mini. All the $$$$ sign just flowing through my head! Finally I decide to get Apple Mac Mini.

I just love this piece of equipment.I was stuck in front of my computer for hours! I'm still trying to learn how to use it!

Friday, 16 November 2007


Lately, I have been very busy with one particular chores until I ignore my work. So busy that it strain my eyes, looking at the monitor for over 12 hours a day!

The chores I am talking about is the new found friend communicator site called FACEBOOK! I bet most of you know about it! It's crazy! I have it registered years ago but was never active with it. Until recently when I start adding friends and playing some addicted games like True or False, Scrabulous and others. There are lots of things to do in Facebook! You will never get bored with it. One good tips, if you are bored at work, go to Facebook and register (if u don't have one). You will like it! hehe...

Anyway, one of the add-on in Facebook is "Name Analyzer". So my name came out to be :

Good eh. So better choose a good name for your children next time..hehe.. Back to my facebook :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Just For Laugh

Just got a forwarded email from a friend and decide to share with you. I have to censored one word which is repeatedly mentioned. I'm sure you can guess it ^_^

A woman is at home when she hears someone knock at the door. She goes to the door and opens the door to see a man standing there. He asks the lady...

"Do you have a vagxna?".

She slams the door in disgust.

The next morning she hears a knock at the door and it is the same man and he asks the same question of the woman...

"Do you have a vagxna?"

She slams the door again.

Later that night when her husband gets home she tells him what has happened for the last two days. The husband tells the wife in a loving and concerned voice...

"Honey I am taking tomorrow off to be home just in case this guy shows up again".

The next morning they hear a knock at the door and both run for the door. The husband says to the wife in a whispered voice...

"Honey, I'm going to hide behind the door and listen and if it is the same guy I want you to answer YES to the question because I want to see where he is going with it".

She nods yes to her husband and opens the door.

Sure enough the same fellow is standing there and asks the same question.

"Do you have a vagxna?".

"Yes" she says......

The man replies....

"Good! Would you mind telling your husband to leave my wife's alone and start using yours ?"

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Other Office

Quite a funny thing happen just before lunch. I asked my friend where are we going for lunch. And he say The Other Office. When I'm hungry,I can't think straight.. and I asked "Bahapa makan at your other office??" My friend was confused! He say the name of the restaurant is THE OTHER OFFICE.. hehe...malu lah..

So we went there and were greeted by the waitress. Very friendly and cosy place. The layout look a bit like the new Taurean Cafe @ The Arch. Being a cafe, there's not much choice of food for lunch but I manage to order Nasi Ayam Rendang and my friend ordered Mee Rebus Special which is a recommended dish by the waitress. The service was really fast. Presentation of the food is good..but then again good presentation doesn't mean the food taste good right? BUT this one taste good..hehehe...I give them a 8/10 score.

As we finished our lunch, then came the floor manager and introduce us with their dessert. First thing came to my mind was :

"Oh No..do we have to pay for that?!"

The floor manager say,

" This is our Signature dessert call "Kueh Lopez" ,although some customers asked for Jennifer Lopez...hehe.. It is our complimentary food for you and thank you for your support."

Was touched by it...Hey..This is my first time that I go to a restaurant or cafe that give complimentary food. The dessert was good! I was thinking if only they give us Custard cream and pour over it..and my friend was saying..

"Kalau ada santan cream, nyaman ni!!"

Yummmmyyy..... Too bad I didn't take a pic of it!

I do recommend you to try out "The Other Office" which is located at the end of the building as Serusop Main HSBC Branch.

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