Friday, 9 July 2010

HSBC Credit Card Dilemma

I am lucky for not being the victim of this. Few of my colleagues encountered this problem. We have our salary through HSBC and still they cut us off?

I called up the call centre just to make things clear and they make so many excuses and try avoid getting blamed. I attacked the lady(of course not physically...hehehe..) with questions! She says that they have send letter off to us to inform about the new Credit Card system. I told her we knew about this matter but why do we need to bother, knowing that our salary goes through HSBC and furthermore we never get any letter from HSBC. She keep on saying it is recorded in their system that letters have be sent off! I told her no one in the office receive any letter from HSBC. After few mins of attacking her, she confessed and told me that, I am not the only person who complaint about not receiving the letter. So I sarcastically say " So, I'm not the only person who complaint about this then??" Then she just keep quiet.

She even told me that I need to go to the bank to reactivate my card and it will only activate on 16 July 2010. But in the newspaper, they seems to deny it!! They can't even check whether  I can use my card! They say their system says its active but not sure whether I can use it!!

And what annoys me is that being a well known bank, they didnt even apologise for what had happen!

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