Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Holiday Mood

We are left with 19 days before we say goodbye to 2007 and Welcome 2008! Time really flies! Imagine all the things that I have done early this year....what did I do?? hehe... Let me think..

1. Travelled to Australia and Singapore for work for few times.
2. Got Increment ^_^ .. Thanks Boss
3. Becoming more active in updating my blog
4. Bought a 2nd hand lens from Ucing hitam.
5. Create the addictive Facebook (Very EVIL)
6. Lots more...can't think of it...

Do you have this feeling that when you know the end of year is coming and you are going to have a long feel so lazy to work...hehehe... That;s what happening to me right now. Too many going to happen in this coming 2 weeks before the end of 2007! My brother's wedding will be held this week and a birthday party for "Someone" will happen next week...hehehe...

With this opportunity I would like to wish all my Christian Friends

Animations - merry christmas 2 Animations - ornament

1 comment:

Little Nutbrown Hare said...

Yeah time really flies so quickly... We will have to welcome 2008 in like 2 weeks time. Hope to lead a happier and healthier life for the year ahead. I also wanna wish Richard all the best in life and always in pink of health which is the most important in life which money also can't buy.
Birthday party for "Someone" Hmm... BTW any plan yet?

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