Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Photos

Some of the photos took during Chinese New Year's eve and 1st Day of Chinese New Year.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Kiong Hee Huat Chai

Chinese New Year is here!! We welcome the year of Ox, Cow, Niu, Goo, Lembu..whatever and however you want to call it and we say good bye to the sneaky Rat!

We didn't have a good start of 2009 where we face heavy rain, flood, so many accident in January, 2 death from the horrifying I hope and pray that, with the start of the Chinese New Year, the Year of OX, things will be better and improve.

In Chinese believes that, in every Chinese New Year one must wear new cloths, shoes and so on...welll..if u are thinking of wearing new underwear, by all mean...hehehe...BUT there is always a last minute thing that we need to do..or should I say ME!!!

There were few last minute things I did before Chinese New Year! Two days before CNY, I went around Brunei town to look for new trousers and shoes! I think I am quite choosy when it comes to clothing. I was in Singapore last month and didn't get any cos it's too expensive! And I was in Miri 2 weeks before Chinese New Year and I didn't get any new trousers or shoes! I normally get all my stuffs well ready before CNY...Prob this OX year wants me to teach me a lesson by not doing things in the last minute and make me work hard to look for the stuffs I want. I manage to get only one pair of jeans and a pair of new shoe at BATA!

On the nite of Chinese New Year's eve, we pray at 12am and then head off to the Chinese Temple at Muara. There are quite a few people there but I'm sure there were more people at the Temple at Bandar.. I did take a few photo of the activities on Chinese New Year's eve and on 1st day of CNY...I will upload it in a bit...just be patient....hehe

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Weird? It's Getting Weirder!!

Like what I say in my previous post that people, weather and the lifestyle is getting weird! Last night, I experience the weirdest and see the most scary sight that I have ever seen!

As most of you know, the weather was really bad last nite. It was raining when I leave the house at 8 ish and thinking that the rain will stop soon. Went to Yayasan, the rain get heavier. Later went for supper with friends at Qlap and it was still raining! After supper, I decide to go home knowing that the rain getting heavier and don't see that it will stop!

Normally I will drive along the Kiulap-Gadong roundabout to go home, but last night I decide to drive along Jalan Gadong to go home. While driving, I enjoy driving pass the pool of water on the road and see the water splashing clearing the dirt on my car! But as soon as I got near to the Gadong Police Station, I did not like what I see! The road was flooded and cars stopped in front a big pool of water. The road was flooded and I can see water gushing out from the Police Station main gate! I stayed there for almost 10 mins when the car in front decide to drive through the flood! After that, I drove through the flood and a 4-wheel-drive car from the opposite side drove through the flood quite fast and I can see the wave made by that car coming towards me and splash on my car! I was so worried that my car will stop and luckily it didn't!

After passing through that horrified flood, I thought the nightmare is I drove towards Jln Beribi, a long queue of cars stopped along the road! I was like..."OH MY GOD..Not another one!!!" I was stuck on the road for almost 3 hours and as cars started to move and I get closer to my place, I saw the road was flooded and on my left side, I saw cars that parked along the road was covered with water!! I managed to snap some photos but not a good one..At least you can get an idea how deep it is.

Saturday, 10 January 2009

Weird People Weird Weather Weird Lifestyle

I was hoping that I will have a good start of the New Year with my new resolution and so on! It turn out that i Still have a good start of the year...hehehe... despite the weird thing that have happen to me from 010109. Let me list down some of the weird thing....

1. Weird People (Let's call this person 'X')
Sometimes when you thought that you really know that person, please do follow your instinct!! What you thought is true!

I have a friend whom I chatted with me quite often. We swear and talk rudely at each other for fun like no other people business...hehehe... Knowing that we like to chat in a funny way, at time X will make a statement why do I chat so rudely. It can get very confusing sometimes! Well, I told X that I can be polite and you wont like it! Sometimes the chat causes "argument". So when I ask "Why u sound so angry"..and then the answer is always "....where got angry!.." which in the actual fact X is angry but in denial!! And sometimes X make some statement which really irritating and disgusting! When I told X off, X starts to get angry! Very Weird.....

2. Weird Weather
The weather wasn't that good since the start of the New Year. It have been raining for almost everyday! Flood everywhere! Accident Everywhere!! In the recent news, there are over 50 car accident for just the first week of 2009!

Last night, I was out and about with friends. The weather seems fine. Was walking and the next thing I know, it start pouring and very strong wind! I think the weather in Brunei and other countries in this region is unpredictable! It will rain whenever it wants!

3. Weird Lifestyle
Do you realise that the teenagers and youngster nowadays are getting more daring when it comes to clothing and hairstyle! I was shocked and can't believe my eyes that I come across youngster wearing a Gothic costume and walk around town!

And I saw this person walking around with a winter scarf around his neck in Brunei in a hot day!! C'mon, this is Brunei! You don't need that! If it's a it sensibly and don't make yourself look stupid!

I have seen guys with Mohawk hairstyle but this year itself I saw more guys with Mohawk hairstyle walking around town! Why do their parents allow their son to have such hairstyle? We are from the Asian Country...Act and Behave like one! Don't bring those unwanted western style over and encourage the younger generation to follow it!

People change, Country developed and few other things that will change in our lifetime but please do change in a good way. We have seen so much things happen to other countries and we should be glad that we are living in a country call Brunei Darussalam.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Gloomy Tuesday Morning

To be honest, the weather in Brunei is so unpredictable nowadays. I like the wet weather cos it really cool down the hot weather we are facing now. BUT I hate the wet weather when I just clean and polish my car 2 days ago!

Normally I don't bother to wash my car cos of the unpredictable weather. Since it's the beginning of the year and going back to work, I don't want to have a dirty car full of dust and bird droppings on my car!! DAMN YOU Sparrow!! Stop shitting on my car!!...oppppsss.....hehehe..... I just hate it when I see my car full of bird dropping! There are just too many sparrow nesting at my place....

Tonight I will be staying at my parents just to look after the house since they are enjoying their cruise around Malaysia and Bangkok....

We will be celebrating Chinese New Year is just less than 3 weeks! WOW!! And the OX will be here to get rid on the RAT! to do that cos there are just too many "RAT" running around in Brunei and cause too much problem!

Till then........

Sunday, 4 January 2009

It's About Time To Say Goodbye

Looking back to my blog dated 27 September 2008, I mentioned about my parrot fish and Oscar fish that have died and I left with 2 Oscar fish. Ever since the death of the fish, the 2 Oscar fish that live acted differently. They are not as active as before. I presume they are just like human who feel sad and mellow after their close ones passed on.

A few weeks after the death of my fish, one of the Oscar look weak and basically just stay at the bottom of the aquarium and do very minimal movement. The other Oscar is ok but not as active. 2 days ago, the Oscar that just stayed at the bottom of the aquarium is getting weaker!! It will stay up for a bit and then lie down.

I'm not sure how long will it live...I have put some medication in the water and hope it will get better's time to say goodbye...

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Earliest Blog Ever

This is the first time in my blogging life that I blog so early in the morning. I actually got up at 6am and get ready to send my parents to the airport as they are off to Singapore to join the Star Cruise for 5 days.

Now, i just finish my breakfast and feel so lonely at my parents' place now. So quiet....hehehe.... BUT it's the best time to sleep without any interruption by anyone..hehe

Tonite, i will be off to a chinese restaurant for a "quack quack" dinner. My friend from KB is treating us and she is so tempted to eat duck! So I have two places in my mind....not sure which one to go yet!

After dinner we are planning to go for Karaoke ^_^ have been so many months that I have been to a karaoke place. I used to go to my favourite karaoke place but eversince they changed the DJ, I stop going there as i don't really like the 'NEW' DJ.

Anyway..going to continue my sleep now......

Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009 Everyone

We have been waiting for the new year to arrive and now it is here! Today is already the second day of 2009 and in a few days time, I will be back to work again. I am hoping that this year will bring me more confident to myself, work and anything that I do.

It was a quiet new year celebration for me. Knowing my parents will be celebrating alone this year, so I decide to accompany them. I brought them for dinner at Golden Leaf. Quite surprisingly there aren't many people in there. So I let my parents to order the food as I am hopeless in ordering chinese food.

The food arrived and as usual, I have my mom to rate the food. The food wasn't really that good. I agree with my mom rating this time. The taste of the food was quite plain but we still finish the food..hehehe...

After dinner, we went home and watch the 'LIVE' telecast of the chinese singing competition in Taiwan and did the countdown at home with my parents and my eldest brother and his wife who return home after a wedding dinner. Somehow I feel that this year is really quiet and a quiet start of the new year.

Although I celebrated New Year with parents this year, but I did a Pre-New Year celebration with two of my closest friends..and also belated birthday makan makan for me and my friend. We had grilled food and one of my friends were in the kitchen doing some mushroom and vegetable :) Taste good.


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