Thursday, 29 May 2008

Eggxplode Me Not

Did you read the newspaper last week on La Mee Restaurant regarding their newly created dish?! After reading what was written in the newspaper, I feel so tempted to try it since La Mee is one of my favourite restaurants.

So I went to La Mee today for my lunch. The first thing the waitress did was introducing me about their Eggxplode dish and she say it is one of the most popular ordered dish. I ordered Eggxplode with chicken and have my favourite Tec C Special ^_^

When the food arrive, it look very interesting that I totally forgot to take a picture of it. But I can tell you my first comment when the food arrived.

" smells like rojak!"

Basically the chicken are warp with eggs and slices of cucumber and pineapples on top of it. I dig in and pieces of chicken inside it with some black sauce. Looks yummyy....but as I started to chew and my tastebuds starts to work very hard and sending signal to my brain..... I find the food really really disappointing!

The black sauce is a bit salty and they fried the chicken and stuffs inside the egg which doesn't make the dish taste good at all. It is plain and doesn't taste anything special. The presentation of the food is good but unfortunately the taste of the food doesn't get certified by my tastebuds.

My rate for the food is 4/10

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Accident At Beribi Roundabout

I do find that motorist enjoy to get their car knocked at the roundabout!!

Friday, 23 May 2008

My New ......

Last weekend, me and my friends went to Miri for our occasional shopping spree :) The currency exchange was good. RM3.34 = B$1...but I heard it was RM3.39 a few days before that.

We stayed at Imperial Hotel and it was a really nice hotel! I will grade it 4/5 and the lack of 1 is due to the view! We have the view of their air cooler compressor for their hotel!! UGLY VIEW! Other than that..its perfect :)

On this trip I can't believe myself that I manage to get so many stuffs! On my last few trips, I hardly get anything except for buying unripe banana at E-Mart. I bought few nice shirts and trousers...but I do hope, I wont see anyone in Brunei wearing the same shirt! I have encountered few occasion that I saw people wearing the same short as mine! The most embarrassing moment was when me and my friends went for dinner at Dave's Deli and saw a guy wearing the same pattern shirt! That's why I prefer to buy my clothing outside Borneo Island :)

BUT the climax for that trip was I bought myself a new watch! It been awhile since I bought myself a watch! Due to the good exchange rate, the price for the watch is really good too :)

So that will be my watch for the next few years unless there are nice people out there who are willing to get me nice watch :) hehe

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

What Happen To The World ??!

Did you realise that the weather is getting weird lately?

I'm not talking about Brunei itself but also country like Myanmar which suffer a massive lost of live (past 22,000) due to Cyclone Nargis. And now China experience earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 which hit few provinces and lost over 10,000 lives!

On 11 May 2008, Brunei did experience a strong gale wind that hit most part of Brunei and causes lots of damages to houses, signboard and cars! My friend who live in Menglait sms me and say that there is a sudden strong wind and rain! After a min or so, it happen at my parents' place in Muara! The sky suddenly turn dark and you can see the trees swaying vigorously and leaves flying all over the place! I manage to take a short clip when it happen....

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Kota Kinabalu 25-27 April 2008

Sometime you never realise how the time just passes by without you realising it. It's been over a week now since I was having my holiday in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

The last time when I was there was in February and we went there by plane. On this trip, we went there by car :) and I was driving! There was 7 of us and just imagine we have to squeeze in the car! Good thing I was the driver..hehe...We left BSB at 8am and reach KK around 2pm. Lots of nice scenery along the way.

When we reach at Beaufort, the weather was really bad! It was pouring with rain and strong wind! It was kinda scary to see the steel frame advertising board was swaying! As we reach our hotel, Marina Court, the wind was so strong that I can see people struggling to walk..hehe

We spend most of the afternoon in the apartment. The rain didn't stop until 10pm! Centrepoint was so near to our apartment but we have no choice but to drive there! Went Karaoke after that then clubbing ^_^

The next day we went to one of the popular island in KK, Pulau Manukan. It's took about 20mins by boat from the jetty near to the Police station..i think. It cost RM26 for a return trip and you can hire snorkling equipment there too. The first thing we do as we arrive, was to get the best shady place! hehehe...The next thing was definitely jumping into the water and see some fish! There were 7 of us and only 2 of us can swim! So we ask the rest to hire a life jacket and jump into the water! The deepest was only until my neck level. Manage to snaps some photos there.

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't see many fish in the water compare to Pulau Sapi. I can remember that I was attacked by a small black and white fish when I was in Pulau Sapi few years back. I think I must have disturb their breeding area and the fish keep on biting on my leg. I swim off and it keep attacking me! Then I realise that my leg was bleeding from the bite!!

At night we went clubbing again but this time it wasn't fun at all! The club was totally packed and there was no room to dance! But there were lots to see though. We could see people jumping off the stage and the people below it catches them! And we also saw a fight in the club! I think someone disturbs someone's gf and wasn't happy about it! All I can say is, it was not the local that got into the fight..tsk..tsk..tsk...Not good!

The next morning, we spend a bit of time at the market and then head back to Brunei! It was a pleasant drive until one of our tyre burst! Good thing I didn't drive too fast and also good thing we have a spare tyre! We reach Brunei around 9pm! We were stuck in the queue at Kuala Lurah for almost 2 hours and was so pissed off with those who overtook us!

Overall, it was a great trip and wanted to go back there soon and discover other part of Kota Kinabalu :)

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