Saturday, 17 November 2007

Want A Piece of my Apple?

My world of IT suddenly change after I decided to buy an Apple that was partly eaten.... I have never been interested in using Apple eversince I tried using it a donkey years ago. It was so complicated and just don't like it. Until lately, Apple came out with such a wonderful look on their computer and also it's function. A friend of mine bought a 20" iMac and told me what it can do!! I was so tempted and decide to go Apple shop in Kiulap. After messing around with their computer there, i was thinking, shall I get the 20" iMac or Apple Mac Mini. All the $$$$ sign just flowing through my head! Finally I decide to get Apple Mac Mini.

I just love this piece of equipment.I was stuck in front of my computer for hours! I'm still trying to learn how to use it!

1 comment:

c5_apple said...

oh got a new computer? Your Apple has been partly eaten? Hmm... Wonder how it looks like? It's complicated le... Thought I am easy ah... Haha... To be honest, I never like Apple cos I don't find it user-friendly. Well, people always tell me to change one and soon you will get used to the function. But I still keep to Acer. Anyways, happy learning abt the function then. I am sure soon you will get used :)

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