Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Happening Sunday

It was quite a boring Sunday when me and my friends decide to do something rather than sitting at home and do nothing.

Then my friend remembers that there is a "Pesta Pantai" at Muara Beach. So we got ready and making our way there. While enjoying sitting as a passenger in my friend's car, I look at the sky and guess what, the sky turned dark and started to rain! But hey, there were so many activities happening on that we divert our venue to Tutong for the Agro-Fruit Festival ^_^.

We were listening to Kristal FM and DJ Dean was on air. He was asking the listener to sms him with the weather condition at where we are. So I sms and told him about the weather and also where are heading. He mentioned that on air. Then a listener text in to Kristal FM and asked where it is located! The funny thing is we do not know exactly the location where the Agro-Fruit Festival was held. So I sms back to DJ Dean and told him we are still finding it! Luckily there is a caller who knew where it was held. hehehe .. That really save our time from roaming around Tutong looking for it.

When we got in to Tutong town, there were many people flocking to the river side. We were wondering what is happening there and thought it might be boat race or something. We went down and YES, we were right, it was the boat racing final!

After spending almost an hour there, we then move to Pantai Seri Kenangan for the Agro-Fruit Festival. Quite a lot of people there too :) Didn't spent much time there but I did manage to get some keropok lekor :)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Accident at Limbang

From my previous post I did mentioned that my neighbour told me that there was an accident happen in Limbang. It was really sad to see and hear what had happen last Saturday where 3 Bruneian and 2 Singaporean who reside in Brunei died in a horrific accident in Limbang.

Yesterday, I heard from a friend saying that his colleague seen a video of the tragedy which was taken by someone. My friend describe to me that, it was sad to hear that the husband (injured Bruneian) kisses his wife on the face when the public pull her out from the wreckage. And I was told that while the body of the 2 injured females lied on the ground, a lady stranger came over and took off her jewelery and run off. Well, I told my friend that I won't believe it until I really see the video.

The next day I manage to get a copy of the video and I was really really shocked to see that what my friend told me was true! When I watch the video, I was kinda asking myself, who is that lady next to the injured woman. And I can't believe my eyes when I saw the lady taking off the jewelry off the injured woman and put it in her pocket!! Probably she didn't realise that someone is taking the video. Then she moved to the other injured woman and looking for jewelry! But instead, she took the injured man's mobile phone! It looks like that the injured man pass her the mobile knowing that she was trying to take off her jewelry!

I will not publish the video in here because of personal reason and respect to the men and women who have passed away. I did some screen capture from the video.


And here are some screen captured of the event when the lady steal the injured women jewelry!


I really find it disturbing to see what this idiot heartless woman have just done! I do hope this woman who stole the jewelry haunted by the men and women who have passed away from this horrific accident. May They Rest In Peace.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Self Accident??

For the past 1 week, I have been hearing so many car accident.

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a car plunges over the road kerb. I can't see a second car involve in this accident though. Is it a hit and run? I don't know...Is it self accident?..I don't know..

So people, please do drive safely especially to those who like to show off their driving skills on the road.

Monday, 21 July 2008

My New Toy!

Had a wonderful time in Miri over the weekend. Went there with 2 other friends that I always go Miri with...well you can say Miri travel buddy! hehehe...

The journey to Miri was great. There was no queue at all..although there are still some other people who are so impatient and overtook us at the immigration.

After we checked in and leave our things in the hotel, we went out and look for a seafood restaurant. QUite surprise that there are few seafood restaurant in Miri. We went to a Halal seafood restaurant as my friends are Malay.

The food was really good. We ordered seafood taufu, clam and fish (kerapu) cook with Tom Yam. It took quite awhile for the food to arrive on our table but it's worth the wait. I would recommend it to anyone who likes seafood :)

The next day, our usual routine are shopping! I did manage to get a pair of trousers, shirt and few other stuffs! And later I went to the electronic shop and something really catches my eyes and it's really cheap! Without thinking much about it, I just took it and straight to the counter and pay for it! Here is the toy that I bought....

Do you know which toy I bought?

It was pouring cats and dogs when we were heading back to Brunei. Some motorist just don't care about their life while driving on a wet road! When I got home, my neighbour told me that there was an accident that happen in Limbang which took the lives of 3 Bruneian and 2 Singaporean who work for Ideal. And it was raining at that time when the accident happen. I haven't read the news yet but what I heard from my neighbour that the Singaporean was overtaking 6 cars in a row when the head collision happen!

So people, please do drive carefully especially during this wet weather.

Friday, 18 July 2008

Fireworks At Taman Jubilee

There will be few fireworks shooting up in Brunei sky for the next few weeks in conjunction with our beloved monarch 62nd Birthday.

Tonight, I went with few friends to see the fireworks at Taman Jubilee. I was very excited about it as this will be my first time taking photos of firework with my Canon 350D SLR Digital Camera. We went to the river side next to Concept Computer. At first I thought it will be just us there and after a while there were few cars driving towards where I park my car.

Here are some of the outcome of the photos that I took. I am quite happy with it although I thought it can be better than that. ^_^

You can see more of the photos here

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Turn Back Time

I was browsing through my office computer and looking through the photos that I took during my trip to Sydney in April this year. And I come across few of the photos which I totally forgot to share with you.

The story is like this....

On my way back home from the airport, I was driving and talking with a colleague of mine who need me to send him home, I saw a flock of birds (don't know what it's call) flying from the Sg. Akar dump site. My colleague told me it's nothing new about it as he see it almost everyday. But what we find it interesting that day was, the birds were flying so low almost reaching the road. It was quite distracting and dangerous for motorist as they have to be careful not to knock the birds! One unique thing that I find it really interesting about this birds are that, they fly along the road as if they are driving on the road...hehehe... It will make a turn if there is a bend on the road! Amazing....Just look at the photos :)

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Worst Sickness Of The Year

I was really sick for the past 2 days. It's been awhile since I have such sickness. I had headache, sore throat, block nose and tired.

I went to see my GP and was given 4 different medication! 1 bottle of cough syrup, 1 packet of cold tablet, 1 packet of antibiotic for my throat infection and 1 packet of tablet for my headache and not forgetting a day sick leave :)

Went home and took all the medicine and within 30 mins i can feel the medication kicking in cos I suddenly felt so sleepy and went straight to bed! I think if there is a burglar entered the house, I won't know a thing!

Woke up and still feel very louzy and tired. After 4 hours of my first medication, i took the medicine again...and again, i felt sleepy and went straight to bed! I wonder what causes that...then I realise it's the cough medicine that make me so sleepy! That's why I didn't take any cough syrup this morning! I don't want fall asleep infront of the computer when I'm at work...hehe..

I still have the cold and sore throat. The headache is almost gone! I dun mind the cold and sore throat, just don't like headache!

I hope I will be fine in the next few days ^_^

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Under The Weather

I felt really lousy today. Having a block nose and headache! I just hate getting a cold cos it make me very hungry and I won't get full no matter how much i eat!

Went to La Mee this afternoon with a friend. I was accompany him looking for new furniture for his new office :) While waiting for my order to arrive, I manage to take a video of the chef doing the La Mee. Enjoy the video ^_^

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