Monday, 23 July 2007

2nd Day In Singapore

At the airport right now and kinda bored BUT LUCKILY WITH THE MODERN TECHNOLOGY..I can surf the net for free!! hehehe

Another hour to go before checking in and fly off to Sydney...sigh..The training was ok today. Went to Sim Lim Plaza last nite with my colleague to but some computer stuffs. I didnt get any but he spend so much on it!! Orang kaya lah!!

Anyway, nothing much to say right now...Will update my blog tomorrow if I can get free internet connection :)

Saturday, 21 July 2007

Night Out At The Capital

The weather was so bad for over an hour last night at around 6pm. Strong winds!! Lightning!! Heavy Rain!! Scary eh...The dark cloud was like accumulate together and form one big cloud..really spooky to see that.

Was worried that my plan to the capital might have to cancel. Luckily the storm recede around 7.30pm! So drove to the capital and manage to snap few photos using my mobile phone SE P990. Should have brought my digital camera with me.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Morning Hullabaloo

Saw an accident while I was driving to work. It's at the Beribi roundabout and how am I not surprise if accident happen in this area! Somehow, the motorist in Brunei still doesn't know how to use the roundabout. Or probably they just an ignorant motorist, who are impatient to get to the other side faster without caring which side of the lane they should be driving. Really annoyed with this type of species!

Try and think for other people's safety. If you want to look cool or macho driving your fast car, please do not do it at the roundabout, do it somewhere where you will not hurt any other innocent people but yourself.

Here are the rules of HOW TO USE THE ROUNDABOUT!!

Click to enlarge

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Just For Laugh

Just wanna share a funny video clips with you :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Any Idea Where This Is?

Monday, 16 July 2007

Feeling Green

Went back to my parents over the weekend. It's nice to be home and be able to chit chat with parents especially with my mom! She always keep me updated with what had happen..It can be from our stubborn house maid to latest artist gossips...hehe..She have lots of gossip to tell...hehe.. Other than that it can be really boring as there isn't anything to do at home.

Took my Canon EOS 350D back home and trying to snap few photos. So my 'Theme' for that day is green. Took few of my mom's green plants.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Jalan Jalan Buang Boring

It's been almost a week that I have not been out of the house at night. Good thing i have friends who are willing to bring me out otherwise I will go GA GA staying at home.

Went to Hua Ho Bunut and did some shopping. Only been to Hua Ho Bunut twice I think and I do like to shop there. It's properly arranged and very spacious too. AND IT'S MID YEAR GRAND SALE TOO! So we lepak lepak there for awhile, window shopping as always. Went to the grocery corner and bought Maggi, some green vegetables and slice cheese (35% less fat)...ahem...(psstt...dun tell anyone..I'm on diet!!)

After shopping we went to London Kebab at Sengkurong...(there goes my diet plan!). When we are near to London Kebab, didn't realise that we have "Indian Town" in Brunei. hehe.. There are so many Indian or Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi here lepak lepak. And there is one Indian restaurant which is still open around 9pm and many Indian makan makan there and watch Hindi movie. It's really good for them to mingle around after a hard days work...Seriously they are very hard working people.

Anyway, we enjoy our food at London Kebab. By the way, there is another London Kebab at Berakas. They do serve very good kebab. I think the best in Brunei. Yummmmyyy...

Since the night is still young and before heading home, we have a drive around town to see the lighting decoration in conjunction of His Majestey 61st Birthday.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Strange Weather

Do you realise that the weather is behaving very weird lately? Last week, the weather was scorching hot! You can just feel the heat burning through your skin. And for the past few days, the weather acted funny! It can be hot at one time, windy and cloudy..and then raining..! Last night was quite scary though! The wind was blowing so strong that I can feel my room windows trembling. And just heard on the news that the Fire Brigade received at least 10 calls from the public last night!

While driving along Jln Muara for lunch, the sky looks angrier by the minutes! Manage to take few snaps of the clouds using my mobile phone. Do you realise that lately the clouds are making some amazing cloud formation?!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Now You See It...Now You Don't!

Now you see it..Now you don't...Heard that phrase before? It's from one of the Oreo's biscuit advertisement. And lately, that happen to one of the service provider!

They do give great deal in free mins phone calls depending on which subcription plan you are on. Lots of free sms and MMS. And not forgetting very cheap GPRS charges. BUT...that doesn't mean their service should be below standard and pisses off their customers! They keep on upgrading their network but I do not see any improvement at all.

Lately, their GPRS seems to come and go! I get pissed off when that happen especially when someone is sending you MMS and trying so hard to retireve it. When I'm at the town area or Gadong, the GPRS works fine...but once i'm at home, it disappear. I call their 'HOTLINE' number...(sometime it take ages for them to answer)...and the lady on the phone say, can you hold on please. Honestly, when someone says that to me, I get really scared! It take them ages for them to return to the phone. Eventually she came back to the phone and give me a short answer.."We get signal here" got signal there..but i have no signal here! They can just give a silly answer and didn't even bother to assist you on what may cause the problem. But when I tell her that I have this problem for 2 days now and her answer again, "We have signal here and no problem over here!" I just hang up and don't bother to ask further.

I check with everyone at home and they don't have GPRS signal too. So what does that say about them?! Do I have to explain further?

Monday, 2 July 2007

Ann & Murda Wedding - 1 July 2007

Attended a my close friend's wedding yesterday. Arrived there at 11.05 am. Me being a punctual person always face the consequences of getting burn under the hot Sunday morning! I knew this will happen! I can feel my sweats trickling down from my neck to my bottom! Seriously, I know no one there! Most of them are the elderly, so I have to sit at the end of the camp on my own, holding my camera and waiting to snap some photos.

Around 11.30 am, 3 ladies that I know and whom promised that they will be there at 11.00 am finally turned up with their innocent face! They are just never on time! WHY?!!

Around 12 pm, the bride's parents and relatives goes around the camp and greet their guest. Doa was read before the food was serve. We had beef rendang, chicken kurma, mixed vegetable, white rice and also nasi kuning (yellow rice). I was too busy eating and didn’t even bother to snap pictures of the food.

Later, we walk towards the bride's house and waited anxiously for the bride and groom to come down. When I saw them, I say to myself "This is an unusual Malay Wedding!" The groom has his white army uniform and the bride is wearing a beautiful white wedding gown. Normally the Malay groom and bride will wear their traditional wedding dress..but this one is kinda modern... Knowing Ann, anything can happen. She looks beautiful :)

I have known Ann for over a decade now and really happy to see that she is settling down now.

I can write alot in here about the wedding but just look through the photos and it says it all.....ENJOY!!


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