Friday, 26 October 2007

What I Did Yesterday..

Called up my hairdresser yesterday to have my haircut. I was told she wasn't in and is in Philippines now. Then I ask when is she coming back...and the lady say, "Oh, tidak balik lagi Sir." I was like...what the F&%^$...There goes again my favourite hairdresser! Why all the good hairdresser have to leave Brunei.

Anyway, I went back to one of my friends friend's hair salon in Gadong. It's called Shahdon Style Icon at Kiulap. I'm sure some people will know this Salon. My first intention is just to have my haircut but somehow when I enter the salon, i decide to dye my hair. It's been over 2 years since I last dye my hair due to hair problem :( But since my hair is getting better now, I decide to have it done. Trying to keep the dye away from my scalp, so Shadon use those aluminium foil on my hair. I laugh at myself when I look myself in the mirror...

I look like an alien on a human body..hehe..Took over 1 hr to have it done and my haircut. It turn out nice. If anyone of you interested to try Shahdon Salon, you can go to 2nd Floor just above Mamih Restaurant in Kiulap.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Another Accident!

There are more and more accident happening in Brunei especially this big roundabout at Kiarong. Some Bruneian motorist still do not understand how to use the roundabout and that's always the cause of unwanted accident.

To those motorist who do not know how to use the roundabout or ignorant motorist, please do watch RTB on how to use the Kiarong roundabout! Understand how to use the roundabout before pointing finger at others!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Smoking In The Restaurant

How would you feel if someone smoke in a restaurant? Will you enjoy your food if you start sniffing the cigarette smoke? For sure I won't.

Yesterday, I have called to the Ministry of Health and make a customer complaint on one of the restaurant that I go regularly for lunch. Been going to this particular restaurant for the past 3 years and yesterday was the time where I have to take action.

When I first tried the food in this restaurant, I was really pleased with it. The environment was good, clean, relaxing and not forgetting polite waitresses. This is the type of restaurant where everyone wants but not until last year where I was annoyed with their customers who start smoking in the restaurant. There are few NO SMOKING sign on the wall of the restaurant. I called the waitress and told them that customer are not allowed to smoke in the restaurant and her answer was, "Kami tegur sudah tapi mereka tak mau dengar..." and the sentence that annoyed me is "Kalau kami tegur, nanti tak ada customer" So what does that mean? The management of this restaurant break all the rules and doesn't care about other customer's health. I answered them back and say "You might as well remove all the NO SMOKING sign in this restaurant!" And guess what!! I can't see the NO SMOKING sign on the wall anymore on my next visit to the restaurant!

I really can't believe my eyes! And eversince that, more customer came and start smoking. I repeatedly warn the waitresses that I will make a complaint to MOH if they don't do anything about it. I even told them I need to see their boss and they always say the boss is not in! A year pass and I gave them a last chance before Puasa and they blew it yesterday!

You might ask why I still go to that restaurant? The answer to that are :
1. Easy place to have lunch
2. The food are very nice, healthy and price are reasonable
3. Friendly waitresses
Customer who smoke in a restaurant may get to a fine of B$1000 and owner of the restaurant can get a fine of B$10,000 and may even have their business license terminated.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Wet Weather Until End of The Year

The weather for the past week has not been stable. Mix of rain and hot weather and this causes alot of people to get sick :( Drink lots of fluid and take fruits to keep you away from sore throat, fever and so on.

Anyway, a reminder to all regarding the news that was published in Brudirect regarding the wet weather. Dun think I need to elaborate more as the news says it all.

Extract from Brudirect:

"Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei currently experiencing continuous rain is expected to stay wet till the end of this year, the weather forecaster of the Meterological Services Department told the Weekend yesterday. A brief downpour yesterday afternoon caused low-lying areas to be submerged in water including the Beribi light industrial area, notorious for being flood-prone. Drivers were seen facing an uphill battle yesterday to make sure that their cars did not break down. The weather forecaster added the Sultanate is in the inter monsoon season which brings about lots of rain.

He even predicted more rain in the north-east monsoon. "It is quite usual for such a downpour especially in the afternoon," he added.

And as the nation enters the second week of festive Hari Raya with more visits to friends and relatives to feast on local delicacies during the open house, motorists are advised to take extra care when driving. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin"

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Guest DJ at Pelangi FM

Want to be a DJ? Do you think being a DJ is easy? If you think it's easy, you are wrong. I was Pelangi FM guest DJ last night with DJ Iril. It was quite an experience working as a DJ. Without any preparation and confidence, I don't think we can perform well on air. Sometimes you can be stuck with ideas on what to say on air.

Manage to snap a picture with DJ Iril. Thanks Pelangi FM for inviting me as the Guest DJ. If any of you wanna be a guest DJ, just email to Pelangi FM.

Friday, 19 October 2007

Which Transformer Are You?

Transformer have been one of my favourite childhood robot transformation cartooons. There are few others like Challenge of the Gobot, Voltron...and lots more...can't remember the name now..hehe... Unfortunately, there isn't any new robot transformation cartoon on TV now :(
Anyway, I am so free at work, so decide to browse through some site and found FunFlip. There are lots of things in there and found "Which Transformer Are You?" Since I'm a big big fan of it, so decide to answer the quiz. 22 questions and please be honest with your answer :) At the end, I end up as:


Not bad least I know now that I'm a good guy. hehe.. Go and try it and let me know Which Transformer Are You?

Thursday, 18 October 2007

NBT Hari Raya Decoration

I have been taking photos of NBT festivity decoration for the past two years. It's something that everyone is waiting every year on how will be the decoration like for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

I managed to take few shots of the decoration last night around 10pm and gosh..there are still many people wander around there to take pictures :) If you want to take picture of the decoration without anyone there, the best time is around 7-9pm. After that, there will be many people just filling up the decoration in minutes.

Have a look at the pictures below that was taken last year and this year. They must have put alot of ideas and creativity to have such a nice decoration...although we thought some of the decoration stuffs are recycle from last year...hehe...But hey..why waste the things if it still works!

To look more of the pictures taken from last year and this year decoration, just click on the picture.

Now I'm looking forward to see what they have plan for Christmas decoration ^_^ Ho Ho Ho

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Blog Of The Week by IATAHNI

First of all I would like to thank IATAHNI Blog for making my blog as Iatahni's Blog of The Week.

I checked my 'Worth a Comment' column this morning before I left for work and there wasn't any new message. After doing some unneccessary work in the office and since I'm so free too..oppss...hope my boss never read around 11am I checked my blog again and there are few new messages!! It's always exciting to see the messages that reader write. But the last few messages was different and really special....

Really didn't expect my blog to be selected..hehe... Anyway Thanks again to Iatahni Blog for making my blog as Iatahni Blog Of The Week eh macam bunyi Pelangi FM for Artist of The Month.. hehe

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Visiting the wrong house?!

I had a bit of a shock when I heard a loud bang outside the house. At first I thought the fan that dad's is fixing exploded. Went out and saw dad was ok. Dad pointed out that a bird have knocked on our windows and fell down on the floor.

First thing came to my mind is..there's goes another bird accidentally knocked on our window and will die. It was breathing very fast. So i just left it there for awhile and went back to the house. Then later, I saw the bird was on its feet :) Feel really good about it and walk to the bird and manage to take a picture of it while i stroke he bird. Really don't know what bird it is but it's my first time to stroke a bird and capture it on camera :) I think the bird is a bit drowzy 'ayong' after the hit. Went back to the house but I do constantly look at the bird to see how it is doing. After awhile, I walk to the bird and it flew off. Glad it has recover :)

Dad was saying, 'Mesti ia kan beraya bah tu, sekali terlanggar jendela atu..hehehe. Salah rumah lagi tu..adakah di aga rumah cina..hehe"

Friday, 12 October 2007

Hari Raya Falls on 13 October 2007

As predicted, Hari Raya will fall on 13 October 2007. It means we will have Monday off too :) But unfortunately Hari Raya falls on my off day. Most of the public holiday this year falls on my off day..sigh..

Anyway, I just would like to wish my Muslim relatives, friends, colleagues and not forgetting the bloggers


So don't forget to invite me to any of your open house ... hehe

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Moving House Is Hard To DO!

I thought breaking up is hard to do...MOVING house is even worst! I have been helping my parents moving stuffs to our 'New' house for the past one week. I took a week leave just to help them!

First & second day of my leave was packing! Imagine that we have to pack the stuffs in house that we have stayed for 20 years! It was murdering packing all the things. Then came the third to the seventh day...its MOVING time..from KB to Bandar! Imagine the time to take us driving from one point to the other. We started around 8 am in the morning everyday. Load 3 4WD cars and then drove to Bandar which took about 1 hr 15 mins. Unload the stuffs and then drove back to KB again! The worst part is driving the van which have a speed indicator! As soon as I drove above 50km/h, it will start a short beep and a long beep over 70km/h! There was one time when i overtook a lorry and the beeping go crazy and guess keep beeping very fast! If the police see both the speed indicator is on..I can end up getting fined! Good thing I didn't. hehe

We will move the furniture soon as our living room at the new place is under renovation. Will post the before and after picture of our house soon. ^_^

Monday, 8 October 2007


I'm sure some of you have heard what had happen to this particular restaurant that have become a major headline for Brunei bloggers! It's really unbelievable to read what the owner has done and the way the owner treat their customer. After reading from here, I was really shocked on what had happen. After thinking about it, I'm sure there are two sides of the story which we will never know.

Then later Mr. Blog and Miss Blog confront the owner and agreed to video their interview. After all that was done and video was published on the blog (which I missed), the owner sms Miss Blog to take the video off cos they said that they have told her not to record the interview at the first place?!

NOW, let me ask you....What does this tell you about the owner of the restaurant?! The owner just twisted his or her words. Who can believe the owner now? I'm sure with this sort of attitude, the restaurant will definitely go down hill for charging customer on the food they didn’t consume and also using such a harsh words on their customer. They have to remember that, THERE ARE MANY RESTAURANTS in Brunei. Without their restaurant exist in Brunei, it will not make any difference... instead people will have a very bad memory of them! Think about it!

Click here for the original comment.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Happy 60th Birthday

After yesterday dinner for Chloe's Man Yek, tonight we had a birthday dinner for my dad. Normally we have our birthday dinner in a restaurant, but this year we decide to do it at home. We ordered our dad's favourite dishes: Chinese Fried Chicken (Char Chi Kai), Roasted Duck, fried noodles, vegetables and some other stuffs...not forgetting the Tiramisu Cheese Cake (droollinnngg)...

Just a simple dinner just to celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday and it's time for him to get his pension $$$. hehe...Anyway, we wish our Dad,

Happy Birthday and May He Stay In Good Health and Happiness.

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