Monday, 10 December 2007

HP iPAQ rx5770 @ QQestore

Went to QQestore during lunch time to collect HP iPAQ rx5770...the one I have in my wishlist *wink*. Oh this PDA is for my brother-in-law. My sis asked me to get it for her..It's their 1st Anniversary. Checked the PDA and it really good :) Fast and very clear screen. Waited there for 30mins though cos I was waiting for my free gift, a 256 SD Memory card!

Finally the guy came to me and tell me that there is no more 256MB memory card in stock so he recommended me to upgrade to 1GB by paying the difference. I say "NO NO NO!..It's not my fault that you do not have a 256MB in stock..What if you upgrade it to 512MB for free!" He kept quiet and called the office. Finally he came back to me and gave me a 1GB Memory card. Hey..I asked for a 512MB and he gave me 1GB...what a lucky day! hehehe

Seriously...It's a good PDA. So if anyone of you out there who wish to buy me the PDA for my birthday or Xmas, please do so ... hehehe

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