Monday, 28 September 2009

Blogging In The Dark

This is the first time I blog in the dark..hehehe...

I was in Qlap around 6 to have my foot reflexology. Its my monthly thing :) Then I went to HSBC to withdraw $$$ to pay off my other credit card bills. Went to Baiduri @ Qlap. Slot the the resit and power supply. At first I thought it was only at Baiduri, but as I get out of the bank, Qlap was almost dark beside the lights from cars.

Walk to my car and the first thing I thought is how to get out of Qlap knowing that the traffic lights will be off too! So I drove slowly and carefully knowing that there are so many ignorant and impatient driver in Brunei. Getting out from the Qlap traffic light was quite easy :) Then I head off to Gadong to pay my SCB Bill and hoping that there will be power supply!! NO POWER AT GADONG! But to my surprise, the SCB building in Gadong do have power! Knowing anything can happen, I just quickly pay off my SCB bills.

Now the next worry part. How to get out of Gadong and there are so many traffic light to pass through. As suspected, the traffic at cross junction heading to Tungku was in chaos! No police was there at that time. Cars are trying to squeeze in and there is even a car that broke down at that time! 15 mins later police came and control the traffic.

As I got home, total darkness and the elevator is not working! Have to use the stairs to get to my apartment. Good thing I have few LED lamp at home ..battery operated of course. Since I have nothing muc to do and good thing my laptop still have some power in it and also with the help of my mobile broadband. I am able to go online...yahoooo...but not for laptop battery only have 30mins left!

So this is how I look like in the dark! Scary eh!! hehehe

I wonder when will the power be back on! I heard it's going to be as worst as the January Flood!

Blogging via my iTouch

Technology have improve so fast that I can blog using my iTouch now. Hopefully I will update my blog more often...hehe

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Monday, 14 September 2009

Updating My Blog

Wow...It's been over 2 months since I update my blog..Malu eh..hehehe

I think I update my sale blog more frequent than my personal blog. Just got too many things to sell. Even friends offer to advertise their stuffs on my sale blog!

Let me see what had happen for the past 2 months. on 4 September 2009, my niece turn 2 :) It was a nice one with few kids around running here and there. Really make the house more merrier. You can add me on Facebook using ^_^

My sister in law will be off to UK to further her study on 24 September 2009. And I few friends too who are flying off to UK to do their Master & PHD.

A friend's wife passed away suddenly early this month. It was qute a shock for me when I receive a sms from a friend. Condolence to him and his family.

NBT have put up festival decoration for Hari Raya! Finally...Eversince they start the festive decoration since 2006, I guess, lots of people flocking there to take photos! Unfortunately there were no decoration on last Christmas and Chinese New Year. I heard that they are ut of budget for the decoration.

I think that's all I can think for now...More to come soon...I hope...hehe

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Test USING Mobile

check if this work

Monday, 20 July 2009

Mini Reunion

Ever since I finish my A Level at Maktab Duli Pengiran Muda Al-Muhtadee Billah, I have lost touch with most of my close friends and gang. With the help of Facebook and from there on, I managed to contact most of my friends from school.

Today, with the arrangement by DJ Enny of Pilihan, we manage to meet up with two of our closes friends. We had our lunch at Charcoal. I have not met them for over a decade and it was so great to see them again. As soon as we start talking, it feels like we have never lost touch. We are just like what and who we are over 10 years ago....beside us gaining some kgs over the years..hehe

We had a good chat and talk about the past. What we have done during our time at MDPMAMB. And seriously, I forget some of the moment that had happen...hehehe...need to upgrade my memory..hehe

Before we left, we have decide to make another reunion with some of our gang and friends in September! I hope that I can contact most of them although there are few that I try not to contact.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Goodbye MJ & FF

Two popular artists have left us for good but we will always remember them like we remember Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

Rest In Peace..The King of Pop Michael Jackson and Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett.

MJ died on Thursday, 25 June 2009 at 2.26pm due to coronary heart attack at the age of mere 50.
Farrah Fawcett died on Thursday, 25 June 2009 due to long battle with cancer at the age of 62.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Long Wait Have Arrived

After a long wait for my new toy...FINALLY it arrived yesterday and just can't get my hand off it...!!

I'm not sure how many people have own this but the Dell agent in Brunei told us that this is the first two set that they ordered in to Brunei. This computer is a DELL Studio One Touch 19". It's a touch screen computer. What make me decide to buy this computer is after the computer exhibition at The Mall where I saw an Asus touch screen computer. I was so tempted to buy at that time but after finding out it is just an Atom processor, that puts me off abit and there is a limit in touch function. Later in the office, my colleague told me that Dell have a touch screen computer as well! I look through and here you are! I OWN ONE!'s a fun computer ^_^

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Kota Kinabalu 12-14 June 2009

I was in Kota Kinabalu from 12 June to 14 June 2009. It has been awhile since I travel with my parents. If I am not mistaken and can remember well, my last holiday with my parents was in 1994 or 1995 in KK too..hehehe

A week before our trip, I have made a booking for 2 rooms at Courtyard Hotel which is located at 1Borneo. The main intention to KK is to visit 1Borneo which Bruneian talk about these days. All this story about 1Borneo really makes me really tempted to step my foot there. I actually do not mind sharing a room with my parents but the main reason why I decide to get my own room is because of my dad’s snoring! It’s unbelievable! Hehehe….

We left home around 5am on 12 June 2009. We were a bit worried that there might be a long queue at Kuala Lurah post because of school holiday! To our surprise, we hardly see any car queuing there. That makes our journey really smooth beside following few heavy vehicles along the road to KK.

We got in to KK around 2pm. We checked-in and make our way to the hotel. My room was 348 and parents’ room was 350.

Finding the rooms was a nightmare. There isn’t any proper signage to the room. We made a few wrong turn and eventually found our room. To start the power in my room, I need to slot the card key into the power slot. DOESN’T WORK! Called the reception and got the card replaced. Put my things in the room and then went to my parents room. As I enter my parents’ room, the first thing I asked them was “DID YOU GUYS JUST FINISH USING THE TOILET??!..IT STINKS!!” Parents say they didn’t. So I called the reception and request them to clean the toilet again!
We wander around 1Borneo and YES it is a big mall! Lots of branded shops. It’s not the shop that I will go for though. Branded stuffs don’t do anything for me. Prefer nice and cheap shirt or jeans. Took few photos and videos. After wandering around for an hour, I found that, there isn’t anything special about it. It’s just like any other Mall. I think Gadong Mall is way better than them despite the size of course. We spend 3 hours at the Mall and later head back to our room.

Went in to my parents room and it still stinks!! It must be their drainage that causes it..YUCK! My parents were later moved to another room. Smell ok but the air-con wasn’t working! Call the technician and got it fixed.

We went to a seafood restaurant called Gaya Seafood Restaurant at Inanam. Parents ordered fish, crab, lobster, vegetables and rice. The food are reasonably good and it cost us RM253!

After finsih our dinner, we head back to the hotel and had a good rest. Of all the hotel that I have stayed before, somehow this hotel makes me sleep very well throughout the night without waking up in the middle of the night....until dad woke me up by calling my room's phone! The bed was really good and they provide two type of pillow. One pillow is rather hard and the other one is soft. Just perfect for me.

Breakfast was ok. Love the porridge and salted eggs. Yummmyyyy...

After breakfast, we headed off to a car workshop cos my dad need to purchase the hose for his Pajero. Got the stuffs and then we went to Centrepoint. There we split and agreed to meet at the ground floor in 3 hours time. Manage to get few cloths, telephone accessories and Liver Oil (gulp).

Later at 4pm, we went to Penampang where my dad’s old friend stays. It’s one of those thing that they do when they go to KK. I thought they are going to stay there for few hours and who knows it turn out to be a long chit chat session! We stayed till 11pm! There goes my Fish Spa which I intended to do at 1Borneo!

When we got back to the hotel, I called up the Bellboy to send my dad to the parking lot. Been doing that since we arrived there on 12 June. As I got in to my room, my dad called on my mobile phone to tell me that the lift going to the hotel is not working. So I called up the reception to assist my dad. This is how our conversation sounds like with the Male Receptionist:

Me: Hi. My dad is on the 2d Floor parking area where your bellboy sends him and now the lift is not working. Can you ask someone to assist my dad and bring him down?”

Reception: Oh! That lift not under our management lah!!

Me: Ah huh?! So can you get someone to assist my dad down cos he is there alone and don’t know how to get down!”

Reception: So what you want me to do? You tell me lah!

Me: Are you asking me a question??!! I suppose to ask you that question!! (Pissed off)

Reception: I will pass you to the Bellboy!

I talked to the bellboy and he explains how to go the 2nd floor parking. I was so disappointed with them. Don’t they care about their guest safety?! I went down and then try to find my way to the 2nd floor parking area. Later dad called and says he is in the room already. So I told him what happen and he just listens. Later I found out that dad went to the reception and scold the hell out at the receptionist!

Just before we check out on 14 June 2009, I made the same complaint and told them our disappointment. At that time as well, my dad’s Bruneian friend who stayed there came to the counter with an unpleasant voice! He was pointing to his 6 month old Honda which was dent from back to the passenger seat! The reception called the bellboy who drove the car the night before and he deny it! The commotion continues and we left and head back to Brunei.

To summarise my trip, I enjoyed my trip to KK but my advice to those who wants to stay at Courtyard Hotel, please consider before making up your mind up!

Below are some of the photos that I took during the trip:

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Long Weekend at Labuan

Sorry for not updating my blog for quite a while. Nothing much to update really but I did have a nice weekend away from Brunei.

I went to Labuan with few friends. Did 'a bit' of shopping there!! and also had some detoxification know what I mean...if you do not know...then susah lah! hehehe

We use taxi alot in Labuan cos there were this particular friends who prefer to use taxi rather than walking. So in all the taxi that we hop in, we found one particular taxi that's really unique! He basically stick alot of coins from different countries on his car's dashboard and steering wheel.

Returning back to Brunei was a nightmare! The ferry Seri Anna was fully occupied and the air-con was not cool enough and I was sweating!! When we reached Brunei, it was unbelievable to see so many and I do mean many Malaysian queue at the non-Brunei passport counter. But it's good to know that we are getting more tourist to Brunei.

Oh..I was stab in the head before entering the immigration....with a thermometer :) hehehe...It's meant to check for A H1N1..was a bit worried that they might stop me cos I have a cold at that time but luckily I got through :)

I had an enjoyable weekend. Lots to tell but I prefer to keep it to myself..hehehe

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Monday, 23 March 2009

Rabbits & Other Animals @ Serasa Beach




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