Sunday, 23 December 2007

What A Blast & Glittery Birthday

First of all, I would like to say Thank You so much to Hj. Salim, the owner of NRA Cafe, for organising a birthday party for me. I really do not know what was the program for that night so i just wait for all the surprises that they have planned. The member involved in this birthday party was Amoi, Joyce and Alin. The only thing that I was told is that I will be expecting 60 guests! I was so shocked to hear that..Never in my Birthday life that I have so many guest. I wonder who are the guests! Non of my bandar friends wanted to join the party as they were too shy to face all the guests..hehe

As I enter NRA Cafe, I was amazed and touched to see the effort they have put to decorate the cafe to such a beautiful place. There are balloons everywhere and even my name hanging over the wall.

The guests arrived around 7ish...and I hardly know some of the guests who were invited. And everyone who entered the cafe brought a present along with them for me! It really make me wonder I asked Joyce about the invitation card that was sent to the guest which I never seen it. I opened one of the guests invitation card and i laughed! Look at the picture below and you will know why.....

Seriously, I do not know what was planned and don't even know what's the programme. All I know there will be singing, lucky draw and disco ^_^ The lucky draw bit was fun and the first number that was picked was my no.!! hehehe.. Prizes are really good too.

What surprises me was the part when Mr. Nik, the emcee talk a bit of my life history. Really didn't expect that coming and the embarrassing part was when he mentioned that I participated few singing competition and never won!! hahahahaha....It's true though..

Later I was asked to make a speech...gosh...I'm really bad with speech..

Around 10, it's time to disco! And guess what, I was asked to be the first to start the dance. I felt a bit uneasy with that and what makes it worst is that they started to play a dangdut song! hahaha...i just don't know how to dance dangdut...hehe...later everyone join in and we had lots of fun swinging those hips!!

There were prize presentation for:

Early Birds

Best Male Performer

Best Female Performer

The party finished just before 12am. It was an enjoyable and memorable birthday party! ... oh oh!! I forgot about something....The cutting of my birthday cake!! The lights were dimmed, cake came out with candles and everyone was singing. I blush easily and i do not know how red my face was at that time. When I saw the cake, I was speechless..I never ever had a cake that big and I never ever have so many people singing for me!

Once again, i sincerely would like to thank Hj Salim, the owner of NRA Restaurant and Karaoke Cafe  and also those involved for organising such a big birthday party for me. Really really appreciate it!
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c5_apple said...

Wow, 60 guests... seems like a 60th birthday party... Haha... I am sure you have had a great time on that night. Be happy always :)

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