Thursday, 6 December 2007

Car Accident Which Claim 2 Lives

This morning, I was trying to call a close friend of mine but can't get hold of him. That's not like him for not answering my call. So called him another hour later and still no answer. So I thought he might be busy with his work or attend a meeting.

Later he called me and told me that he was at one of his staffs fiance house. Wondering i asked him jokingly "Bahapa kau kesana? Hantaran? Kan Kahwin?..hehehe.." He then told me that he attended his staff's fiance funeral. I was like..who passes away. His staff's fiance was in a car accident last night and pass away. It involve with 2 cars and the other car driver passed away too.

Was told that they just got engage and been talking about hantaran and so on. My friend see him regularly as he is always at the office to pick his fiance up for lunch and a nice guy too.

Although I do not know him but I do sympathise for his fiance, parents and friends.

So to those who read this, if you think you are a wreckless, ignorant and irresponsible motorist, please change now and avoid the lost of your life or someone's love ones. It is really difficult to lost someone you see everyday who is in good health and just leaves us for good in a blink of our eyes...because of car accident. . . .

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