Saturday, 15 December 2007

Wedding of Tony Chua & Yvonne Yong

Just got home after a long day of event for my brother's wedding.

I slept around 2 am yesterday and got up at 5 am as we need to leave the groom's place in Muara at 6am. It's a chinese tradition that the bride have to be at the groom's place between 10 am and 12pm. 

The bride live in KB, so that is the reason why we have to leave early. Leaving early is one thing, and we can't drive too fast too as we are worried that the wedding car's decoration might come off. Drove 100km/hr and man it take ages to arrive the bride's house.

We arrive the bride's place around 8am. As usual, the bride will be hiding in the room and when everything settle, the bride's parents will lead the daughter and handover their daughter to the groom. Tea ceremony is one of the most important event in Chinese wedding. This is to introduce their groom to the bride's family and also calling the bride's parents "Dad" and "Mom"

Once everything is done, we head back to Muara. There we had the tea ceremony too and group photos too. It was really an eventful day and tomorrow night will be the wedding banquet.

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