Tuesday, 13 November 2007

The Other Office

Quite a funny thing happen just before lunch. I asked my friend where are we going for lunch. And he say The Other Office. When I'm hungry,I can't think straight.. and I asked "Bahapa makan at your other office??" My friend was confused! He say the name of the restaurant is THE OTHER OFFICE.. hehe...malu lah..

So we went there and were greeted by the waitress. Very friendly and cosy place. The layout look a bit like the new Taurean Cafe @ The Arch. Being a cafe, there's not much choice of food for lunch but I manage to order Nasi Ayam Rendang and my friend ordered Mee Rebus Special which is a recommended dish by the waitress. The service was really fast. Presentation of the food is good..but then again good presentation doesn't mean the food taste good right? BUT this one taste good..hehehe...I give them a 8/10 score.

As we finished our lunch, then came the floor manager and introduce us with their dessert. First thing came to my mind was :

"Oh No..do we have to pay for that?!"

The floor manager say,

" This is our Signature dessert call "Kueh Lopez" ,although some customers asked for Jennifer Lopez...hehe.. It is our complimentary food for you and thank you for your support."

Was touched by it...Hey..This is my first time that I go to a restaurant or cafe that give complimentary food. The dessert was good! I was thinking if only they give us Custard cream and pour over it..and my friend was saying..

"Kalau ada santan cream, nyaman ni!!"

Yummmmyyy..... Too bad I didn't take a pic of it!

I do recommend you to try out "The Other Office" which is located at the end of the building as Serusop Main HSBC Branch.


Beracun said...

Kena bagi commission oleh restoran atu kah ni? Terlebih puji jua :P

Richard From Brunei said...

dangki jua eh..jgn jeles..ko jua dapat free food..hehe

c5 said...

"The Other Office" Oh that's a cute name for a cafe... Seems like you really recommend people to try out the food there. Hehe... Alright will do so next time :)

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