Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Baby Chloe's Growing Up Video

Chloe is growing really fast. She is already 2 months 23 days. Gosh I can see the changes in her development over the last 2 months. When she arrived home for the first time, all she did was sleep and sleep. Then after few weeks, she is more alert and start looking at things. And now over 2 months, she start to laugh, baby talk and love watching TV! Not sure it's a good or bad thing for a baby..hehe..

Although she is not my child, but by the end of the working day, got home and look at her, she really can cheer you up.

Chloe on Day 1 (4 September 2007)

Chloe on 2 Months 22 Days ( 26 November 2007)

1 comment:

Pinky c5 said...

Yeah Chloe is really cute, active and talkactive as well. Just like the Uncle... Hehe :p I agree with you that by seeing her can really cheer you up :)

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