Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Despite my lack of attention to my blog, that doesn't mean I have stop blogging. I promise to update my blog regularly in this coming new year.

I would like to wish all my friends, family, bloggers, blogger hoppers and anyone who visit my blog a Happy New Year 2009! Cherish the last 2 days of 2008 as it will become history by tomorrow and days to come. ENJOY!!!

Friday, 19 December 2008

Part of Growing Up

As day goes by, we learn new things. It can be by clicking of a button on a computer keyboard that will create a shortcut to a certain function, it can be getting to know new people and make new friends and lots more....

For me, from the beginning of this year till today, I have encountered alot of things in my life..there are good and bad but more to the good side :)

Let me run through what had happen to me this year....

Good Part

As of 1 April 2008, I have been working with the same company for 4 years with nice colleagues and understanding boss :) (kes mengampu lah tu...hahahaha)..Seriously, do you think I will stay in this company if I can't get along with my colleague and boss??

I was at Sydney in May, Auckland in November and Singapore in December...Free of charge...paid by the company....hehe..I was in Sydney and Auckland for training and work in Singapore for a week :)

My niece turning 1 year old in September and we had it at Rizqun Coffee House. She is getting naughtier each day and thats the fun part of it. When you get angry with her and then she start to smile and make funny faces, all the angriness in you just disappear immediately..hehehe..That's the power of baby eh...

Went to Labuan with my usual group of friends after a year being sober...oppppssss...hehehe

Went to a costume birthday party for the first time. I dress as a modern fat dracula with white makeup on my face! hehehe.. I was the MC for that party and I didn't have my make-up for long cos I just cant stand it and wipe it off and transform myself to ..... ME

Bought myself a Nokia N95 8GB early this year and loving it so much! It really help me to move around Auckland and Singapore so easily without getting lost! I'm very bad with my direction. I can go in to a shop and then don't know which direction to go out!

Bought myself a new 32" Sony Bravia LCD TV and HDMI DVD Player. When this two things connect and WOW!!! the picture were so amazing..... sakai lah tu...hehehe


There are only two bad things that had happen to me this year....i think...

1. My car of 4 years finally disfigured after a minor car accident at GIANT! I was reversing my car out of the parking and this car from the other side of the parking reverse at the same time and BANG! Got out of my car and saw the dent and crack backlight! And the frustrating part is that, there isn't a single scratch on the car that hit me!!

2. 3 Parrot Fish and 1 Oscar fish which I have for over a year died after a power failure at my place. I was at my parents place at that time and when I return home the next day, I was so sad to see my lovely red parrot fish floating!

You will never what will comes ahead of you..let it be good or bad, that is already part of life and growing up.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

What Did I Do Since 1 December 2008?

December is here and the time just passes by so fast...and there are few things that I have this year seems like it only happen few days ago!

I have been so busy since the first December until today and I'm sure more to come next week...sigh...

Anyway...So little thing happen to me over such a long period of time between 1 Dec till 12 Dec 2008. From 1 Dec until 7 Dec 2008, I was in Singapore for a business trip. Working in Singapore is not easy eh... Everything are in fast track and I finish work around 6ish for almost everyday! And when I get back to the hotel, the first thing I do is to take shower! It's really humid in Singapore! Put work aside, I really enjoy shopping there and love the Christmas decoration! When I say shopping...I mean window shopping..hehe.. The things there are reasonably cheap and since Christmas is just few days away, the shopping mall are packed with people!! I went to Takashimaya and that mall was packed with people!! I think I can see the whole population of Brunei in that MALL! Gosh.....I do enjoy my stay there and manage to snap few nice Christmas deco....

Back to Brunei and went to work on Tuesday. I didn't even have the time to have a cup of coffee when I reach work and straight off for a meeting. And another meeting in the afternoon. The next day..another meeting in the morning and then afternoon! Then today, meeting in the morning and meeting in the afternoon! That's what I call "M I B" hehehe...

Oh..last night I went to watch the Premier for Cicak II and manage to take photo with the lead actor and director of that movie! I didn't go hysterical though..hahahaha...nothing to be hysterical anyway. But it is good to be able to take photo with artis and this is my first time to take photo with artis!!

Will put up more photos of my trip in Singapore later ah.....

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Interested in Bracelet?

I have a friend who sell Chinese Crystal. The crystal bracelet price is reasonable and, if you are interested to buy the product, click here and it will direct you to the site! Enjoy!

Back To Reality!

For those who have been following my blog, first of all, I would like to apologise for not updating my blog for such a long time. I can't find any good excuses for not updating my blog but just pure laziness!

Since I have been abandoned my blog for such a long time, I will update what I have done from the period of my disappearance till now.

20 September 2008
Bought a new pair of RayBan sunglasses. My friend say I look good on it, so decide to get it :)

25 September 2008
Decide to wash my car after almost 2 months of dust, sand, bird shit, insect sticks on my car! Shiny eh :)

27 September 2008
I was in Seria on that Saturday to renew my car road tax and car insurance. Before heading back to Bandar, I decide to drop by the Billionth Barrel Monument.

28 September 2008
I was at The Mall on that night and saw so many Parking Idiot around the shopping area and one of them is shown below!

07 October 2008
I love watching P.Ramlee's movie and they always show it at Astro Prima almost everynite around 1am. So one nite while I was watching Pendekar Bujang Lapok, I decide to capture the three of them singing "Maafkan Kami" to Rose.

07 October 2008
After work, as I was heading home, I saw this unsafe container on a trailer. Been seeing this trailer few times on the road and I do find it disturbing to see the condition of the container. Was worried that the things inside the container might pop out and thrown out! How can this container be on the road of Brunei?!

11 October 2008
Was out and about at Hua Ho Bunut and for the first time, I was out with my baby niece! It's not easy to bring her out cos her hand will try to grab on things nearby! But it's fun to bring her out...with her mom of course!

13 October 2008
I was sent to Auckland to attend a 3 days seminar. It was interesting talk. Didn't do much there as the things there are pricey and nothing special to see or do!! I like my room cos I have my own Jacuzzi!!!!

26 October 2008
Every time when it comes to pay day, Parking Idiots are everywhere! Saw this car at The Mall Gadong! I always wonder if the owner of this feel any shame or guilt for parking there!


1 November 2008
It's been a year since I go to Labuan with my usual group of friends. This time we didn't stay at Beta Apartment as it is under renovation. We end up staying at Labuan Hotel 2 and this hotel doesn't have a LIFT!

9 November 2008
I went to Miri with few of my friends. This is another group of friends. Hehe...I have different group of friends for different activities! This group of friends is the "SOBER" type of friends. hehehe...

We tried one of the new kopi tiam in Miri. It was quite good and the food is not bad as well..BUT ... portion is quite small..hehe..It's good for those who are not a big eater.

27 November 2008
Been on the site the whole day but it was a fun day on site. Been looking at the safety on site and it wasn't good. So gave them a good brainwash on the safety issue!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Lazy Mood Is Back!

It's been almost a month since I update my blog! So lazy eh! Why like this kan?! Why so lazy??!! Tell me!! tell me!!! hehehe

I have been tight up with work and also designing our company calendar! I have finish the desktop calendar and now trying hard to absorb as much idea as possible to create our company's poster calendar! It's not an easy task! Glad that the desktop calendar came out nice and so glad that my boss was happy with it.

Anyway...I hope to update my blog soon! I have so much to tell but.....

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Back In Brunei And BANG!!

Glad to be back to Brunei although the heat is not to my favour! Didn't get much from Auckland at all. Just a small souvenir for few close friends.

The next day, I went to Giant to do my grocery shopping. Bought quite a lot since I was away for almost a week and really need stocking up my fridge. After my shopping, went to the car, start my engine, put in reverse gear and suddenly BANG! My car shook abit..and then I realise that my car got knocked by another who is reversing at the same time!

My heart was pounding so fast cos this is the first time my car got kissed by another car! I went out of the car and at first I looked at the other guy's car and can't see a single dent. And when I looked at my car, I was speechless....look at the pic..

It might look just a small dent but for a car which never had an accident and for me, it's a major dent and the light is broken :( It will cost me a lot of $$$ to repair all this.

Anyway...I decide to call the police as the other guy just kept quiet and agree with what I wanna do. The police came and then advise me not to do police report cos at the end of the day, both of us will be charged guilty. So it's either we want to pay the fine on top of the repair or just to pay the repair. So I decide to settle this among the two of us. After the police left, the other guy just kept quiet and I don't even dare to ask him to pay as it's both our fault. So I decide to settle this by myself.

Went back home and then I decide to push the dent part out...and guess what..it pop out so easily! That really show how thin Lexus body is :( I didn't have the tools to push out the 'bone' of the dented part.

The next day I went to my parents place and my dad say he can fix the problem :) So left the car there and drove my dad's Pajero to work. When I got back from work, I was so glad to see that my dad manage to push the dented body out and align with the bumper. There are still dent lines but who cares...! My dad glued the back light. I am still looking for a 2nd hand back light if anyone who have a friend or relative selling it..please do contact me. It's good to keep a spare knowing the one I have now is cracked. So basically, I don't have to spend anything for my car although it doesn't look as good as before :( This is the outcome....

I am planning to get it fix when I decide to re-paint my car. Both the front and back bumper's paint are fading :( So, I rather spend at one go rather than bit by bit. Was quite sad to see the dent in the car but it's a lesson to me to be more careful when reversing my car!

Friday, 17 October 2008

Fourth & Fifth Day in Auckland

Today is the last day of our training! Finally it's all over...hehe..

Let me tell you what we did yesterday and today.

Yesterday, the training started a bit late..it was 9 am that we start the bootcamp. The training was quite fun and on that night we had a group dinner at the city. I can't remember the name of the restaurant...oppsss....I had New Zealand Oyster for starter :) Then I have NZ Beef steak for my main course...although I'm not suppose to eat beef for certain reason..hehe...what the heck...I'm in NZ! We really enjoy the dinner with wine and beer. I wish Brunei have restaurants like in NZ! I'm not saying Brunei doesn't have good restaurant but its the service and decoration of the restaurant that really impress me..

After dinner, we went to an Irish bar! As soon as we enter the bar, a big Unbelievably Good Looking Young tall lady came to one of my OZ colleague and ask if he wanted to dance!! We were like laughing at him cos he got picked by a Unbelievably Good Looking Young tall lady...U get what I mean! hehe...Got back to the motel about 11pm and I have to get up at 8.30am the next day!

This morning, it was a relaxing day as it's the last day of the bootcamp. The funny bit is that, when the speaker were doing presentation, the speaker will hint about the Unbelievably Good Looking Young tall lady and everyone starts laughing.

We finish the bootcamp around 1 and everyone say goodbye to each other! Now I am waiting for 1:45am for the taxi to pick me up and send me to the airport...My flight is at 4am! It's really a weird time to travel...

Anyway...till then and see you in Brunei ^_^

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Second & Third Day In NZ

Weather here is colder! It's cloudy now though. Nothing much happening yesterday cos it was a long day training and got so tired! Went to bed early last night and surprisingly I woke up at2 am and cant sleep! So I decide to go online and bore myself to sleep! Finally manage to sleep around 3!

Today, it was quite relaxing. The training finish at 4pm. I am going for a dinner tonite with my ex colig from Brunei who is now working in Auckland. It's good to meet an old friend. Tomorrow I will be meeting another ex-colig of mine. Looking forward to that. While killing my time, I decide to stay in and update my blog cos got someone complaint already why no update one! hehe...U know who u are. While updating my blog I'm listening to Pilihan on air too! hehe...

Anyway, nothing much to report today. Hope more to write tomorrow :)

Monday, 13 October 2008

Auckland, NZ - First Day

This is my second trip to New Zealand. The last trip was 4 years ago. Left Brunei at 11.15am and got in to Auckland at 3:30am (Auckland Time) which is 5 hrs ahead of Brunei.

When I was in Brunei airport, I have to wait for almost 45 mins just to get my ticket approved. What happen is the seat were fully booked and my name wasn't on the list! I was so furious and speechless wondering how this thing can happen! The lady at the counter seems to be a new staff as she keep on asking her colleague sitting next to her. After a long wait, I finally got a boarding pass. Got in the plane, and first time in my life, I was given the seat which located at the end of the plane. When I say end of the plane, I mean the last row and behind me was the toilet! It was quite annoying to have people passing by me and the disgusting bit is when you can hear then flushing the toilet...Uuuurrrgggghhhhhh.... Ah well..the good thing is that I don't have to walk so far for the toilet.

Got in to Auckland at 3:30am and it took about 30mins by taxi to the motel i'm staying. As I enter my room, I was quite amazed with what they have in the room. Look at the picture below and you will know why.

This morning I have a wander around. I walk from the motel to Newmarket which took about 1 hr walk. I love walking and with the weather now which is cool that make me enjoy the walk more. Didn't get anything but manage to visit the War Memorial Museum and took some photos.

Will update my second day in Auckland tomorrow...

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Not A Good Start Of The Weekend

I have been staying at my parents place for the past few days cos they are away so I'm taking care of their place. Today, I decide to return to my place and as I enter my place, I smell something bad and got shock to see my fishes are dead :(

I have 4 parrot fish, 3 Oscar fish and 3 Sucker fish in one big aquarium. When I look at the aquarium, all my parrot fish died and 1 of my Oscar fish died. I was really upset to see the fish that I have been feeding for the past two years dead. I had the fish when they were small little fish. THe reason the fishes died is because there weren't any power supply going to the air pump! It must have been dead for few hours! Luckily I manage to take few photos of the fish last week...and now they are gone..sigh...

Then I have to drive down to KB to renew my car insurance and that took me about 1.5 hours before it's my turn. Then went to the Land Transport to have my car inspect before they can issue a new road tax for me. The wait was crazy!! There were so many people and I waited for almost 2 hours before I manage to get my car inspect by the officer!

Once it's done, I went to my friend's place to give some Hari Raya goodies. By then it was already 12.15pm! Since I have not been to KB for awhile since my family move to Bandar, I have a drive around the town. Then I remember about the house that was burnt down which killed few people in there but unfortunately, it has been cleared :(

I head to WyWy restaurant for my lunch :) Not many people there and good thing I brought my laptop with me so that I wont get bored eating alone..hehe.. After lunch I decide to take some picture of The Billionth Barrel Monument. Only saw a family wandering around there and I think they were more amazed with the flowers there rather than the monument...hehehe..

After that, I head back to Bandar and as soon as I got home, I quickly drain the aquarium and fill it with fresh water for the remaining fishes.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008


This week I will be busy auditing our client on a system they are using as part of our project. Auditing is not a fun job to do! You can either be the favourite auditor or the client's nightmare!! hehe

Today, I went to 3 sites with a colleague to audit our client's staff. The audit went well but when we reach to the 3rd site, I got the shock of my engineering life!! This has nothing to do with the audit though but coincidentally this shocking event happen at the 3rd site! Look at the photo below and you will know why! For those who don't have any engineering background will think it's crazy too!

So what do you think? Is this right? It really look horrible and unacceptable! The reason why they have this bracing on is to support the retaining wall opposite the flat! I'm really not sure how safe it is though. Although I saw lots of crack on the wall and also plastering! Scary!!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

P.U.J.A Interview

It has been awhile since I have any interview. I remember the last time I had an interview was applying for a job which I am working for now..hehe...and that was like 4.5 years ago. WOW...

Told my friends that I am going for interview and obviously they will ask..

"What interview ah?!"

"Job interview kah?!"

"Why? U dun like ur job now ah?!"

I gave each of them different answers....hehe... like

"Oh! I'm quitting my current job and applying for the government"

"I'm applying for Australia PR loh"

And they believe what I have told them. They even wish me luck on that! hehe...But hey, that's what friends are for eh...being supportive!

But in the actual fact, I went for the PUJA interview. To be a member of PUJA, they need to interview you first before qualifying yourself as a PUJA member. If I tell my friends that I went for PUJA interview, they will start asking...

"What is PUJA?"

Most of my friends are not in the engineering field, so they wont know anything about PUJA, so thats why I made up all those story to them..hehe

I was asked to attend the interview at 9.30am and I arrived at MOD at 8.45am. I prefer to be early rather than on time or late. When I arrived there, I was shocked to see 3 of my colleagues still waiting outside for the interview and they are suppose to be interviewed at 8.30am! One of my colleague even jokingly asked me to come back after lunch...hehehe

So while waiting for my turn to be interview, I took a snap of the building from the 4th floor using my N95 8GB with PanoMan software. Turn out to be a nice panoramic photo although it didnt match well...

Click the photo for bigger picture

So when it's my turn for interview at 10.30am, I was a bit nervous but after sitting down, the three person who interviewed me was friendly and nice. That make me more relax and easy to talk to.

It turn out well and just hope to get the certificate soon.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Inhumane Act Towards Dog in Brunei

I was browsing through few local blogs and I was shocked to see the video that was in David Cheok's website. I manage to get his permission to link this video that he created and published in his blog.

How inhumane can people be in doing such a cruel thing to innocent dogs!! I know there were two cases that was reported where children were mauled by stray dogs. But by killing the animals doesn't help to solve the problem. Moreover if the dogs that were killed wasn't a stray dog and owned by someone.

After watching the video, you will get a rough idea who killed the dogs and do they have the rights to do that. Why does the innocent dogs have to be the victim? Imagine if the person who killed these dogs, own a cat and killed in the same way...how would he feel?!

The dogs have their own life! They do think, they do obey, they have family, they have friends...and lots more...they are just like us!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Happy Birthday To Baby Chloe

Wow...It's already 4 September 2008 and I can clearly remember what happen today a year before. I was in the office working and my sister is in the labour room waiting to deliver a new additional to the family. It was really a long wait for her though. She was admitted to the hospital at wee hours of the morning. Around 2pm, I receive a call from my dad saying that my sister have given birth to a baby girl. I was so excited but can't do much as I have to work till 4:30 before I can leave the office.

As usual I have my camera ready with me since I know my sister will be giving birth on that day. Every picture that was taken on that day in the hospital brings back a lot of happy memory. It was my first time to see a new born baby from my siblings. And I can see the glow in my parents face to welcome their first grandchild and my first niece.

Look how innocence and cute she is. Big round eye and red cheek.

And today, she turn one and we had a birthday party for her at Rizqun International Hotel Coffee House for High-Tea on 31 August 2008. We invited relatives and few friends for the party. But earlier that day, we have few activities for Chloe.

Firstly, each of her Uncles gave her "Ang-Pow" and gift. For those who doesn't know what "Ang Pow" is, it is basically a red envelope with money inside it. I gave "Ang Pow" to Chloe and doesn't seem to interest her..hehe..She doesn't know what money is for...FOR NOW!

The next activity is consider a traditional thing to do for Hokkien people when a baby reach 1 year old. There will be few items put on the floor like pencil, calculator, wrench and anything. Then the baby will be let to crawl or even walk to the items and the first item that the baby took will be assumed as what the baby's career will be in the future.

So we did the same thing for Chloe. Without hesitation, she did her semi crawl and walk to the items. I will let the pictures below do the talking.

So at the end, she went for the ruler and pencil. After she got bored of it, she decide to take all of the items on the floor beside the weighing machine..I wonder why..hehe

And finally there is one photo that I want to share with you, just to compare when Chloe was born and Chloe now!

Few hours old

`1 Year old!

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