Monday, 26 November 2007

DHI Water Environment talk @Empire

My colleague and I were invited to attend a talk regarding a software called MIKE at Empire Hotel & Country Club this morning. It is a DHI software where it is use to model from water supply to flood. Quite an interesting talk. It was presented by Chris who is currently working with DHI Malaysia based in Kota Kinabalu. And a guest speaker from Germany...can't recall his name...opppsss...hehe..

The talk lasted for 2 hours and then lunch at Atrium. Seriously, I was quite surprise of the arrangement. The talk was free and we have such a luxury lunch...I really didn't expect that coming! hehe

1 comment:

Pinky c5 said...

Wa free talk plus free lunch... Not bah ah... Hope you didn't doze off at work after the heavy lunch :p

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