Friday, 14 May 2010

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Life ... OH Life ... Oh Life.....

There are times when I ask myself, "Why did I do that to my parents?"

It's not that I swear at them or did nasty thing to them. It's just the things that I have said and react to them make me feel guilty sometimes. For example, when my parents calls me up when I am at work and ask me things like "How come my computer cannot turn on?" or "Why my mobile phone volume so low?" or "Is that trousers in your room belong to your brother?" It really fumes me up for asking those questions knowing I am busy at work and which they can ask after work. I will answer them but with an unpleasant tone. After I hang up the phone, I always feel guilty about it. 

Remember the advert during Hari Raya where the child keeps on asking his dad what is that. And his dad answer, it's a bird. And the son keeps repeating the same question over and over and his dad didn't get bored of it? And when his dad grew old, the dad ask his son a question repeated and the son got annoyed? Remember that? That advert always plays on my mind when I did that...

My parents have been putting up with me (and my siblings) from young. Teach me to be good, never tell lies (yeah!! if we listen to that part..hehehe..) and try their best to keep us happy, healthy and educated. They did all that and make me what I have become now.

Getting angry is a human nature but there is a limit to be angry for such a small matter. Our parents are not getting any younger. They do need our love and caring like what they have given to us since we were born until now. 

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