Monday, 19 November 2007

Pasar Malam Gadong

A friend of mine sms me and asked me if I can do her a favour. She asked me to get Kueh Malaya at the Pasar Malam @Gadong for her. Gosh, the last time i was there was in 1996, i think. That was the time Im on my final year at MDPMAB doing my 'A' Level.

Driving to that area is not easy! Traffic and difficult to get a parking. Eventually I got one which is near to the tents...BUT there is a sign in front saying "Tidak DiBenarkan Meletak Kenderaan pada hari Jumaat dan Ahad" brain was thinking..shall i move to other parking place or just take the chance of getting towed! Being a good bruneian..I move my car to other parking slot....NOT!!! I just park my car there..hehe...

I was told to look for Stall 62 for the Kueh Malaya. It took me awhile to walk around that area and look for the stall. Most of the numbering are no longer there but I manage to find the stall. The Kueh Malaya there so laku lah. I have to queue for it.

Didn't spend too much time there cos I can't stand the smoke from other stalls. hehe.. I had a busy day anyway helping parents on their new home.

1 comment:

Apple said...

Richard, thank you for your patience looking for the stall and luckily you didn't get caught parking at the illegal area. Otherwise, the kueh malaya will cost more than $50. Hehe...

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