Friday, 26 October 2007

What I Did Yesterday..

Called up my hairdresser yesterday to have my haircut. I was told she wasn't in and is in Philippines now. Then I ask when is she coming back...and the lady say, "Oh, tidak balik lagi Sir." I was like...what the F&%^$...There goes again my favourite hairdresser! Why all the good hairdresser have to leave Brunei.

Anyway, I went back to one of my friends friend's hair salon in Gadong. It's called Shahdon Style Icon at Kiulap. I'm sure some people will know this Salon. My first intention is just to have my haircut but somehow when I enter the salon, i decide to dye my hair. It's been over 2 years since I last dye my hair due to hair problem :( But since my hair is getting better now, I decide to have it done. Trying to keep the dye away from my scalp, so Shadon use those aluminium foil on my hair. I laugh at myself when I look myself in the mirror...

I look like an alien on a human body..hehe..Took over 1 hr to have it done and my haircut. It turn out nice. If anyone of you interested to try Shahdon Salon, you can go to 2nd Floor just above Mamih Restaurant in Kiulap.

1 comment:

pingko said...

Wa dye your hair ah.... Must show me o... Ok see you when you are back. Take care :)

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