Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Moving House Is Hard To DO!

I thought breaking up is hard to do...MOVING house is even worst! I have been helping my parents moving stuffs to our 'New' house for the past one week. I took a week leave just to help them!

First & second day of my leave was packing! Imagine that we have to pack the stuffs in house that we have stayed for 20 years! It was murdering packing all the things. Then came the third to the seventh day...its MOVING time..from KB to Bandar! Imagine the time to take us driving from one point to the other. We started around 8 am in the morning everyday. Load 3 4WD cars and then drove to Bandar which took about 1 hr 15 mins. Unload the stuffs and then drove back to KB again! The worst part is driving the van which have a speed indicator! As soon as I drove above 50km/h, it will start a short beep and a long beep over 70km/h! There was one time when i overtook a lorry and the beeping go crazy and guess keep beeping very fast! If the police see both the speed indicator is on..I can end up getting fined! Good thing I didn't. hehe

We will move the furniture soon as our living room at the new place is under renovation. Will post the before and after picture of our house soon. ^_^

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PingKo said...

Haha... How can you compare breaking up with moving house?!? Very cute la you... :p Well, to me, I would say breaking up will be harder to do and will be psychologically tiring and MAY cause nervous breakdown to some people... Hmm... I feel moving house will only be physically tiring and the tiredness can be overcomed with sufficient rest... anyway, that's my opinion la...
Yeah, glad to know it's almost over only waiting for the renovation of the living room to be completed.
Ya, looking forward to see your new living room... Just remember to bring me there by then... Speak soon and take care :*

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