Sunday, 14 October 2007

Visiting the wrong house?!

I had a bit of a shock when I heard a loud bang outside the house. At first I thought the fan that dad's is fixing exploded. Went out and saw dad was ok. Dad pointed out that a bird have knocked on our windows and fell down on the floor.

First thing came to my mind is..there's goes another bird accidentally knocked on our window and will die. It was breathing very fast. So i just left it there for awhile and went back to the house. Then later, I saw the bird was on its feet :) Feel really good about it and walk to the bird and manage to take a picture of it while i stroke he bird. Really don't know what bird it is but it's my first time to stroke a bird and capture it on camera :) I think the bird is a bit drowzy 'ayong' after the hit. Went back to the house but I do constantly look at the bird to see how it is doing. After awhile, I walk to the bird and it flew off. Glad it has recover :)

Dad was saying, 'Mesti ia kan beraya bah tu, sekali terlanggar jendela atu..hehehe. Salah rumah lagi tu..adakah di aga rumah cina..hehe"

1 comment:

Apple said...

Haha... Never know you are such a caring person :p
Your dad are really humourous eh... Ya but Thank God the bird was only semi-conscious... Hehe :p

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