Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Smoking In The Restaurant

How would you feel if someone smoke in a restaurant? Will you enjoy your food if you start sniffing the cigarette smoke? For sure I won't.

Yesterday, I have called to the Ministry of Health and make a customer complaint on one of the restaurant that I go regularly for lunch. Been going to this particular restaurant for the past 3 years and yesterday was the time where I have to take action.

When I first tried the food in this restaurant, I was really pleased with it. The environment was good, clean, relaxing and not forgetting polite waitresses. This is the type of restaurant where everyone wants but not until last year where I was annoyed with their customers who start smoking in the restaurant. There are few NO SMOKING sign on the wall of the restaurant. I called the waitress and told them that customer are not allowed to smoke in the restaurant and her answer was, "Kami tegur sudah tapi mereka tak mau dengar..." and the sentence that annoyed me is "Kalau kami tegur, nanti tak ada customer" So what does that mean? The management of this restaurant break all the rules and doesn't care about other customer's health. I answered them back and say "You might as well remove all the NO SMOKING sign in this restaurant!" And guess what!! I can't see the NO SMOKING sign on the wall anymore on my next visit to the restaurant!

I really can't believe my eyes! And eversince that, more customer came and start smoking. I repeatedly warn the waitresses that I will make a complaint to MOH if they don't do anything about it. I even told them I need to see their boss and they always say the boss is not in! A year pass and I gave them a last chance before Puasa and they blew it yesterday!

You might ask why I still go to that restaurant? The answer to that are :
1. Easy place to have lunch
2. The food are very nice, healthy and price are reasonable
3. Friendly waitresses
Customer who smoke in a restaurant may get to a fine of B$1000 and owner of the restaurant can get a fine of B$10,000 and may even have their business license terminated.

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apple said...

First of all, I really really hate smoker. For sure, I won't enjoy my meal, eventhough food is nice and good services are provided. Also I will find difficulty in breathing, esp for the asthmatic people. Furthermore, being a passive smoker, he or she will develop lung cancer faster than the smoker. So to all the smoker out there, pls take note that it is really a selfish thing to smoke in a close up places...
Wa Richard, finally you reported to MOH... Very Good! Keep it up! :*

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