Saturday, 20 October 2007

Guest DJ at Pelangi FM

Want to be a DJ? Do you think being a DJ is easy? If you think it's easy, you are wrong. I was Pelangi FM guest DJ last night with DJ Iril. It was quite an experience working as a DJ. Without any preparation and confidence, I don't think we can perform well on air. Sometimes you can be stuck with ideas on what to say on air.

Manage to snap a picture with DJ Iril. Thanks Pelangi FM for inviting me as the Guest DJ. If any of you wanna be a guest DJ, just email to Pelangi FM.

1 comment:

apple said...

Wa steady ah... Been invited as the Guest DJ. Hey, next time must inform me, so that I can hear how you sounds like on air... Hehe :p

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