Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Wet Weather Until End of The Year

The weather for the past week has not been stable. Mix of rain and hot weather and this causes alot of people to get sick :( Drink lots of fluid and take fruits to keep you away from sore throat, fever and so on.

Anyway, a reminder to all regarding the news that was published in Brudirect regarding the wet weather. Dun think I need to elaborate more as the news says it all.

Extract from Brudirect:

"Bandar Seri Begawan - Brunei currently experiencing continuous rain is expected to stay wet till the end of this year, the weather forecaster of the Meterological Services Department told the Weekend yesterday. A brief downpour yesterday afternoon caused low-lying areas to be submerged in water including the Beribi light industrial area, notorious for being flood-prone. Drivers were seen facing an uphill battle yesterday to make sure that their cars did not break down. The weather forecaster added the Sultanate is in the inter monsoon season which brings about lots of rain.

He even predicted more rain in the north-east monsoon. "It is quite usual for such a downpour especially in the afternoon," he added.

And as the nation enters the second week of festive Hari Raya with more visits to friends and relatives to feast on local delicacies during the open house, motorists are advised to take extra care when driving. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin"

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Pingko said...

OH NO... Then how can we go jogging?!? Hai~ "What to Do"-> Richard's favorite expression... hehe :p

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