Friday, 19 October 2007

Which Transformer Are You?

Transformer have been one of my favourite childhood robot transformation cartooons. There are few others like Challenge of the Gobot, Voltron...and lots more...can't remember the name now..hehe... Unfortunately, there isn't any new robot transformation cartoon on TV now :(
Anyway, I am so free at work, so decide to browse through some site and found FunFlip. There are lots of things in there and found "Which Transformer Are You?" Since I'm a big big fan of it, so decide to answer the quiz. 22 questions and please be honest with your answer :) At the end, I end up as:


Not bad least I know now that I'm a good guy. hehe.. Go and try it and let me know Which Transformer Are You?


Jewelle said...

Everywhere I see folks getting one of the good guys - there must be something wrong with me, hmmm....

Richard From Brunei said...

hehehe...well...there are some good and bad got 60%, just over the borderline. It's fine I guess. Sometime you have to nasty. I think they should have more question on that quiz..hehe

Beracun said...

I am 65% Starscream, red colour >:) and I serve Megatron!

Richard From Brunei said...

No wonder ur name is Beracun! hehehe.. Evil Evil Evil

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