Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Blog Of The Week by IATAHNI

First of all I would like to thank IATAHNI Blog for making my blog as Iatahni's Blog of The Week.

I checked my 'Worth a Comment' column this morning before I left for work and there wasn't any new message. After doing some unneccessary work in the office and since I'm so free too..oppss...hope my boss never read this...hehe...so around 11am I checked my blog again and there are few new messages!! It's always exciting to see the messages that reader write. But the last few messages was different and really special....

Really didn't expect my blog to be selected..hehe... Anyway Thanks again to Iatahni Blog for making my blog as Iatahni Blog Of The Week ...eh eh macam bunyi Pelangi FM for Artist of The Month.. hehe

1 comment:

c5_apple said...

Wah Seh... not bad ah can be Blog of the Week... Congrats!!! :)

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