Thursday, 18 October 2007

NBT Hari Raya Decoration

I have been taking photos of NBT festivity decoration for the past two years. It's something that everyone is waiting every year on how will be the decoration like for Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Christmas.

I managed to take few shots of the decoration last night around 10pm and gosh..there are still many people wander around there to take pictures :) If you want to take picture of the decoration without anyone there, the best time is around 7-9pm. After that, there will be many people just filling up the decoration in minutes.

Have a look at the pictures below that was taken last year and this year. They must have put alot of ideas and creativity to have such a nice decoration...although we thought some of the decoration stuffs are recycle from last year...hehe...But hey..why waste the things if it still works!

To look more of the pictures taken from last year and this year decoration, just click on the picture.

Now I'm looking forward to see what they have plan for Christmas decoration ^_^ Ho Ho Ho

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