Monday, 8 October 2007


I'm sure some of you have heard what had happen to this particular restaurant that have become a major headline for Brunei bloggers! It's really unbelievable to read what the owner has done and the way the owner treat their customer. After reading from here, I was really shocked on what had happen. After thinking about it, I'm sure there are two sides of the story which we will never know.

Then later Mr. Blog and Miss Blog confront the owner and agreed to video their interview. After all that was done and video was published on the blog (which I missed), the owner sms Miss Blog to take the video off cos they said that they have told her not to record the interview at the first place?!

NOW, let me ask you....What does this tell you about the owner of the restaurant?! The owner just twisted his or her words. Who can believe the owner now? I'm sure with this sort of attitude, the restaurant will definitely go down hill for charging customer on the food they didn’t consume and also using such a harsh words on their customer. They have to remember that, THERE ARE MANY RESTAURANTS in Brunei. Without their restaurant exist in Brunei, it will not make any difference... instead people will have a very bad memory of them! Think about it!

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