Monday, 3 March 2008

I Really Didn't Expect It......

I was at Hua Ho Manggis Mall yesterday accompanying my friend to buy some lucky draw gifts for their Company's Annual Dinner.

So we went through few electrical goods. Look at vacuum cleaner, DVD player, Air Cooler and also TV. I was quite surprise to see the price of the TV. It's reasonably cheap...great offer. My friend decide to get a Sony Bravia 20-Inch LCD TV for the Grand Lucky Draw prize. The TV only cost B$699 compare to one of the popular e-store which cost B$758.

I went through all the TV and one of the TV really caught my eyes. It's Sony Bravia 32-Inch LCD TV ( KLV-32V300A) which cost $1399. I really find it is really a good bargain. Knowing Hua Ho accept 0% Instalment with no processing charges, I finally decide to get the TV! Never cross my mind that I will buy a LCD TV so soon. I always wanted one but never thought it was yesterday. The store assistant asked me if I want the TV delivered to my place the next day and instantly I say NO! hehehe... I'm very impatient when it come to play with my new gadget!

Just after I bought the TV, a friend of mine invite me to play volleyball! My mind was thinking...should I go or should I not?! Strange enough I decide to play volleyball instead! When I got home, I push the TV to my room and my sister and bro-in law saw it and shouted " HE BOUGHT A NEW TV!!" They thought that I will put it in the living room...with my smiling face, i told them "YOU WISH!" ...

After the sport, I went back home and quickly take the TV out of the box and install it! Played with it till 1am! hehe....and that's why I look so tired and sleepy this morning. I just realise just now that my TV have Pic-Pic function! Can't wait to try that out..hehe... I need to get HDMI cable too for my Mini Mac which I will connect to my TV. Can't wait to try all this thing out.. and what makes me happy today is that the price at the e-store is B$1,985.00. It's few hundred difference from mine! So anyone who is interested in getting new TV, go to Hua Ho Manggis Mall before the offer ends.

Here is a look of the TV

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