Thursday, 6 March 2008

Car Wash Anyone?

Yesterday, I was at my parents around 5pm and it started to drizzle and eventually raining cats and dogs. Waited till 6.30pm and the rain didn't stop. So decide to drive back home. On my way home, some part of the road at Jln Muara started to flood. Some silly motorist just didn't bother to slow down and splash the muddy water onto other cars including mine. And the sad bit was those who were walking along the road. They have no umbrella or rain coat!

Normally I will take Jln Beribi Lama to head home .. just to avoid the traffic. As I was driving along that road, I passes 3 area that's flooded and when I was about to get to the other end of the road, it was flooded and my car can't drive through! Look at the photos and you will know why! So I have to turn back and drove all the way and use the other road.

That poor indian shop was flooded!!...well at least that will chase the rats away! hehe

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