Monday, 10 March 2008

Guess Who I Met?

I had lunch at d Other Office with a friend of mine. As always, I will ask my friend to miscall me when he arrived to the restaurant. Got there and my friend was asking me

"What's wrong with your phone kan?"

I was blur blur and answered

"OK jua bah"

Then he say..

"Balik balik ku call but can't get through!"

What's wrong with DST for this past few days? Is everything ok, DST? I was trying to surf the internet using my phone and have problem getting into it. While deciding what to order...a sms came in and it was from my friend who sends the sms like 10mins ago! hehe

Anyway, my friend told me that the two customers that were sitting next to the windows weren't happy and left the restaurant. Apparently, they have order their food like an hour ago and nothing arrived on their table. Hmmmm....not good eh....

Don't you feel that the weather is hot? For me it is, so I decide to get Ice Tea which comes with my Lontong Special. Really refreshing....

Then came a customer sitting on the same table of the frustrated customers who have just left. This person looks really familiar....hmmm.... and as he turn his back on me and saw his shirt, no doubt he is .......

Then later, came another guy into the restaurant and he is no other than ......

Let the blurry picture make you guess who they are ^_^

I was a bit disappointed with the food today. The Lontong Special that we ordered was not hot. It's warm and close to cold already. We were wondering if that's the food that the frustrated customers ordered and later serve it to us! hmmmm....but don't think they will do that...I hope

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