Sunday, 16 March 2008

Confused Saturday Night

Last night we went to Berry Wan Hotpot and the place was fully packed. And lucky enough we have booked a table for 6 in advance. So we went in and asked for our seat. The waiter told us that our seat have been taken. I was so furious when I heard that! All my friends are from KB and it is quite frustrating for them! Later we were told by the owner that the seat was booked for us but there was one family that didn't bother to listen to the waiter and sat down. That even make me more angrier! Don't this family understand the word "reserved" or even "booked"? This are one of the most annoying people that we can find in Brunei!

We waited outside the restaurant and I just stared at that family who took our table and hoping it will make them uncomfortable eating....but Noooooo...they even enjoy it more! We waited for 30mins for another customer to leave the restaurant. The owner was apologetic but we never blame them.

Anyway, forget about the drama above..let's talk about the food. When I first look at the choice of the foods at the counter, I was amazed with it. We had chicken soup and tom yam soup for our hotpot :) We put as much as we can in the pot and the food taste so good :) I feel so blotted after we finish all the food in the pot otherwise we will get charged $5.00 for 100g of wastage food. hehe..

Now I know why this place is so popular and required to book a table before you go there. I would recommend you to have a try to this restaurant. Book early and be there early if possible before someone irresponsible take over your seat!

Rating : 7/10

Here is how you can contact them:

After dinner, we went to SQC to catch a movie. It's been awhile since I have been to the cinema and this is my first time to SQC. My friends from KB wanted to watch 10,000 BC. I have seen the movie trailer and look quite interesting. We watched the 22:30 movie.

I was quite confused with the movie. What is the motive of the movie? What does it have to do with the title of the movie? As far as I can understand is that a primitive man who keep his promise to the girl that she love since at young age. And when they grew up, they still love each other and one day the girl that he loved was kidnapped by their rival. So this man is trying to save his gf and walk from one end of the other end to find the gf. At the end of the story, he manage to save the gf but was killed later by the guy who kidnapped her and back to life again. hehehe...And at the end of the story the couple kiss so passionately....I wonder to myself, does people at that time kiss like that? hehe...

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