Monday, 24 March 2008

How Can You Make A Difference?

Have you been to Gadong Mall lately? Do you know that they have World Water Day Exhibition there? So if you haven't been there, please do go there now! Bring your children there! There are prizes to be won!

Anyway, I was there manning our booth on Sunday morning and surprisingly there are many people flocking to the exhibition despite the opening of Giant at Tasek Rimba. Manning the booth can be fun at times when you can see all walks of life at the mall! The boring time was when you get bored of looking at the same people passing by the booth..hehe..., so I decide to walk around and the first thing that caught my eyes was the pole wrap with a PVC material which look like the picture below, so that the public can write their pledge...A creative idea...don't you think so?

I look around the pole and giggle while reading some of the message that was written. There are few good pledges and lots of weird pledges!! Let me show you the good pledge first ^_^

Now the weird and cruel bit...

There are more to it but I have to censored it..hehe...

Beside all that, there were drawing exhibition too. FYI, I am the type of person who are amazed with small little things. The drawings that were displayed really amazed me. They are the drawings from our young and the future generation who will bring good name to our country and their family! I wish I can draw as good as them. Here are some of the drawings...

The exhibition will be open to public until 26 March 2008. Some of the booths might not be manned at night but please feel free to wander around. If you find any freebies on the table, just grab it ^_^

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