Saturday, 23 February 2008

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Taking this opportunity to Happy 24th National Day to our beloved country, Brunei Darussalam. Didn't manage to watch the live telecast of the colourful event that was held at Taman Sir Omar Ali Saifuddin this morning. Was too tired and woke up at almost 12pm!

Went out though around 2pm to town. There are lots of people in town! Since it's a public holiday today, there are alot of foreign workers wander around the shopping malls. I went to Yayasan and there are lots of people doing their shopping and furthermore there is a motor exhibition. Didn't go and see it though.

Had my late lunch at Foodzone at Yayasan and later went to one of the corner and saw few artists as in drawing artists...they are really good!! Manage to snap one of the artists drawing..I was amazed with his drawing!

At Pizza Hut now and we can hear the staffs having fun karaoke-ing...hehehe...and I am one of them They are having party here tonite! Good for them!

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