Thursday, 4 September 2008

Happy Birthday To Baby Chloe

Wow...It's already 4 September 2008 and I can clearly remember what happen today a year before. I was in the office working and my sister is in the labour room waiting to deliver a new additional to the family. It was really a long wait for her though. She was admitted to the hospital at wee hours of the morning. Around 2pm, I receive a call from my dad saying that my sister have given birth to a baby girl. I was so excited but can't do much as I have to work till 4:30 before I can leave the office.

As usual I have my camera ready with me since I know my sister will be giving birth on that day. Every picture that was taken on that day in the hospital brings back a lot of happy memory. It was my first time to see a new born baby from my siblings. And I can see the glow in my parents face to welcome their first grandchild and my first niece.

Look how innocence and cute she is. Big round eye and red cheek.

And today, she turn one and we had a birthday party for her at Rizqun International Hotel Coffee House for High-Tea on 31 August 2008. We invited relatives and few friends for the party. But earlier that day, we have few activities for Chloe.

Firstly, each of her Uncles gave her "Ang-Pow" and gift. For those who doesn't know what "Ang Pow" is, it is basically a red envelope with money inside it. I gave "Ang Pow" to Chloe and doesn't seem to interest her..hehe..She doesn't know what money is for...FOR NOW!

The next activity is consider a traditional thing to do for Hokkien people when a baby reach 1 year old. There will be few items put on the floor like pencil, calculator, wrench and anything. Then the baby will be let to crawl or even walk to the items and the first item that the baby took will be assumed as what the baby's career will be in the future.

So we did the same thing for Chloe. Without hesitation, she did her semi crawl and walk to the items. I will let the pictures below do the talking.

So at the end, she went for the ruler and pencil. After she got bored of it, she decide to take all of the items on the floor beside the weighing machine..I wonder why..hehe

And finally there is one photo that I want to share with you, just to compare when Chloe was born and Chloe now!

Few hours old

`1 Year old!

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