Friday, 19 December 2008

Part of Growing Up

As day goes by, we learn new things. It can be by clicking of a button on a computer keyboard that will create a shortcut to a certain function, it can be getting to know new people and make new friends and lots more....

For me, from the beginning of this year till today, I have encountered alot of things in my life..there are good and bad but more to the good side :)

Let me run through what had happen to me this year....

Good Part

As of 1 April 2008, I have been working with the same company for 4 years with nice colleagues and understanding boss :) (kes mengampu lah tu...hahahaha)..Seriously, do you think I will stay in this company if I can't get along with my colleague and boss??

I was at Sydney in May, Auckland in November and Singapore in December...Free of charge...paid by the company....hehe..I was in Sydney and Auckland for training and work in Singapore for a week :)

My niece turning 1 year old in September and we had it at Rizqun Coffee House. She is getting naughtier each day and thats the fun part of it. When you get angry with her and then she start to smile and make funny faces, all the angriness in you just disappear immediately..hehehe..That's the power of baby eh...

Went to Labuan with my usual group of friends after a year being sober...oppppssss...hehehe

Went to a costume birthday party for the first time. I dress as a modern fat dracula with white makeup on my face! hehehe.. I was the MC for that party and I didn't have my make-up for long cos I just cant stand it and wipe it off and transform myself to ..... ME

Bought myself a Nokia N95 8GB early this year and loving it so much! It really help me to move around Auckland and Singapore so easily without getting lost! I'm very bad with my direction. I can go in to a shop and then don't know which direction to go out!

Bought myself a new 32" Sony Bravia LCD TV and HDMI DVD Player. When this two things connect and WOW!!! the picture were so amazing..... sakai lah tu...hehehe


There are only two bad things that had happen to me this year....i think...

1. My car of 4 years finally disfigured after a minor car accident at GIANT! I was reversing my car out of the parking and this car from the other side of the parking reverse at the same time and BANG! Got out of my car and saw the dent and crack backlight! And the frustrating part is that, there isn't a single scratch on the car that hit me!!

2. 3 Parrot Fish and 1 Oscar fish which I have for over a year died after a power failure at my place. I was at my parents place at that time and when I return home the next day, I was so sad to see my lovely red parrot fish floating!

You will never what will comes ahead of you..let it be good or bad, that is already part of life and growing up.

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kro said...

May you have an even better year ahead :)

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