Friday, 17 October 2008

Fourth & Fifth Day in Auckland

Today is the last day of our training! Finally it's all over...hehe..

Let me tell you what we did yesterday and today.

Yesterday, the training started a bit was 9 am that we start the bootcamp. The training was quite fun and on that night we had a group dinner at the city. I can't remember the name of the restaurant...oppsss....I had New Zealand Oyster for starter :) Then I have NZ Beef steak for my main course...although I'm not suppose to eat beef for certain reason..hehe...what the heck...I'm in NZ! We really enjoy the dinner with wine and beer. I wish Brunei have restaurants like in NZ! I'm not saying Brunei doesn't have good restaurant but its the service and decoration of the restaurant that really impress me..

After dinner, we went to an Irish bar! As soon as we enter the bar, a big Unbelievably Good Looking Young tall lady came to one of my OZ colleague and ask if he wanted to dance!! We were like laughing at him cos he got picked by a Unbelievably Good Looking Young tall lady...U get what I mean! hehe...Got back to the motel about 11pm and I have to get up at 8.30am the next day!

This morning, it was a relaxing day as it's the last day of the bootcamp. The funny bit is that, when the speaker were doing presentation, the speaker will hint about the Unbelievably Good Looking Young tall lady and everyone starts laughing.

We finish the bootcamp around 1 and everyone say goodbye to each other! Now I am waiting for 1:45am for the taxi to pick me up and send me to the airport...My flight is at 4am! It's really a weird time to travel...

Anyway...till then and see you in Brunei ^_^

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c5_apple said...

Wa... Oyster... My favs eh... I wonder where I can eat nice and fresh oysters in Brunei! Hmmm... Try to find for me then we go eat la next time. On me... hehe...

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