Saturday, 27 September 2008

Not A Good Start Of The Weekend

I have been staying at my parents place for the past few days cos they are away so I'm taking care of their place. Today, I decide to return to my place and as I enter my place, I smell something bad and got shock to see my fishes are dead :(

I have 4 parrot fish, 3 Oscar fish and 3 Sucker fish in one big aquarium. When I look at the aquarium, all my parrot fish died and 1 of my Oscar fish died. I was really upset to see the fish that I have been feeding for the past two years dead. I had the fish when they were small little fish. THe reason the fishes died is because there weren't any power supply going to the air pump! It must have been dead for few hours! Luckily I manage to take few photos of the fish last week...and now they are gone..sigh...

Then I have to drive down to KB to renew my car insurance and that took me about 1.5 hours before it's my turn. Then went to the Land Transport to have my car inspect before they can issue a new road tax for me. The wait was crazy!! There were so many people and I waited for almost 2 hours before I manage to get my car inspect by the officer!

Once it's done, I went to my friend's place to give some Hari Raya goodies. By then it was already 12.15pm! Since I have not been to KB for awhile since my family move to Bandar, I have a drive around the town. Then I remember about the house that was burnt down which killed few people in there but unfortunately, it has been cleared :(

I head to WyWy restaurant for my lunch :) Not many people there and good thing I brought my laptop with me so that I wont get bored eating alone..hehe.. After lunch I decide to take some picture of The Billionth Barrel Monument. Only saw a family wandering around there and I think they were more amazed with the flowers there rather than the monument...hehehe..

After that, I head back to Bandar and as soon as I got home, I quickly drain the aquarium and fill it with fresh water for the remaining fishes.

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c5_apple said...

Oh kesian.... so we can go and buy new ones next time. So where's the frozen dead fishes you promised me?!? hehe...

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