Saturday, 20 September 2008

P.U.J.A Interview

It has been awhile since I have any interview. I remember the last time I had an interview was applying for a job which I am working for now..hehe...and that was like 4.5 years ago. WOW...

Told my friends that I am going for interview and obviously they will ask..

"What interview ah?!"

"Job interview kah?!"

"Why? U dun like ur job now ah?!"

I gave each of them different answers....hehe... like

"Oh! I'm quitting my current job and applying for the government"

"I'm applying for Australia PR loh"

And they believe what I have told them. They even wish me luck on that! hehe...But hey, that's what friends are for eh...being supportive!

But in the actual fact, I went for the PUJA interview. To be a member of PUJA, they need to interview you first before qualifying yourself as a PUJA member. If I tell my friends that I went for PUJA interview, they will start asking...

"What is PUJA?"

Most of my friends are not in the engineering field, so they wont know anything about PUJA, so thats why I made up all those story to them..hehe

I was asked to attend the interview at 9.30am and I arrived at MOD at 8.45am. I prefer to be early rather than on time or late. When I arrived there, I was shocked to see 3 of my colleagues still waiting outside for the interview and they are suppose to be interviewed at 8.30am! One of my colleague even jokingly asked me to come back after lunch...hehehe

So while waiting for my turn to be interview, I took a snap of the building from the 4th floor using my N95 8GB with PanoMan software. Turn out to be a nice panoramic photo although it didnt match well...

Click the photo for bigger picture

So when it's my turn for interview at 10.30am, I was a bit nervous but after sitting down, the three person who interviewed me was friendly and nice. That make me more relax and easy to talk to.

It turn out well and just hope to get the certificate soon.

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