Monday, 8 September 2008

Inhumane Act Towards Dog in Brunei

I was browsing through few local blogs and I was shocked to see the video that was in David Cheok's website. I manage to get his permission to link this video that he created and published in his blog.

How inhumane can people be in doing such a cruel thing to innocent dogs!! I know there were two cases that was reported where children were mauled by stray dogs. But by killing the animals doesn't help to solve the problem. Moreover if the dogs that were killed wasn't a stray dog and owned by someone.

After watching the video, you will get a rough idea who killed the dogs and do they have the rights to do that. Why does the innocent dogs have to be the victim? Imagine if the person who killed these dogs, own a cat and killed in the same would he feel?!

The dogs have their own life! They do think, they do obey, they have family, they have friends...and lots more...they are just like us!

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