Tuesday, 23 September 2008


This week I will be busy auditing our client on a system they are using as part of our project. Auditing is not a fun job to do! You can either be the favourite auditor or the client's nightmare!! hehe

Today, I went to 3 sites with a colleague to audit our client's staff. The audit went well but when we reach to the 3rd site, I got the shock of my engineering life!! This has nothing to do with the audit though but coincidentally this shocking event happen at the 3rd site! Look at the photo below and you will know why! For those who don't have any engineering background will think it's crazy too!

So what do you think? Is this right? It really look horrible and unacceptable! The reason why they have this bracing on is to support the retaining wall opposite the flat! I'm really not sure how safe it is though. Although I saw lots of crack on the wall and also plastering! Scary!!

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