Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Back In Brunei And BANG!!

Glad to be back to Brunei although the heat is not to my favour! Didn't get much from Auckland at all. Just a small souvenir for few close friends.

The next day, I went to Giant to do my grocery shopping. Bought quite a lot since I was away for almost a week and really need stocking up my fridge. After my shopping, went to the car, start my engine, put in reverse gear and suddenly BANG! My car shook abit..and then I realise that my car got knocked by another who is reversing at the same time!

My heart was pounding so fast cos this is the first time my car got kissed by another car! I went out of the car and at first I looked at the other guy's car and can't see a single dent. And when I looked at my car, I was speechless....look at the pic..

It might look just a small dent but for a car which never had an accident and for me, it's a major dent and the light is broken :( It will cost me a lot of $$$ to repair all this.

Anyway...I decide to call the police as the other guy just kept quiet and agree with what I wanna do. The police came and then advise me not to do police report cos at the end of the day, both of us will be charged guilty. So it's either we want to pay the fine on top of the repair or just to pay the repair. So I decide to settle this among the two of us. After the police left, the other guy just kept quiet and I don't even dare to ask him to pay as it's both our fault. So I decide to settle this by myself.

Went back home and then I decide to push the dent part out...and guess what..it pop out so easily! That really show how thin Lexus body is :( I didn't have the tools to push out the 'bone' of the dented part.

The next day I went to my parents place and my dad say he can fix the problem :) So left the car there and drove my dad's Pajero to work. When I got back from work, I was so glad to see that my dad manage to push the dented body out and align with the bumper. There are still dent lines but who cares...! My dad glued the back light. I am still looking for a 2nd hand back light if anyone who have a friend or relative selling it..please do contact me. It's good to keep a spare knowing the one I have now is cracked. So basically, I don't have to spend anything for my car although it doesn't look as good as before :( This is the outcome....

I am planning to get it fix when I decide to re-paint my car. Both the front and back bumper's paint are fading :( So, I rather spend at one go rather than bit by bit. Was quite sad to see the dent in the car but it's a lesson to me to be more careful when reversing my car!

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c5_apple said...

Oh no... you sent your car's first kiss away... haha... Wa your dad is so steady la.. can repair the dent... Good la so you no need to spend any $$. So better be careful next time (^_-)

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