Monday, 5 November 2007

Monday! Monday! Monday!

Never like Monday! hehe.. I have such a relaxing weekend and wish Monday never arrive. What to do....

Let me see, what did I do on Saturday and Sunday...

  • Work half day ...

  • Went to my parents' place in muara and check on the renovation of the house ...
  • Stayed at home and playing with my niece ^_^ . She wasn't feeling well. She is coughing and having cold. Poor baby

  • Sleep early


  • Woke up at 10.30am and stayed in bed till 11..hehe

  • Had my brunch at 11.30 and later lunch at 1pm... No wonder I'm getting FAT!

  • Around 2pm, went out with a friend cos he need to change his car's brake light! I can even change it for him but NOOoooo..he want to bring it to the car shop!

  • Went to au Liat at Kiulap Mall for afternoon tea break. I ordered Egg Sandwich with fries and guess what came out...BEEF BURGER with fries... I'm sure I pronounce Egg very clearly...Anyway, I had the beef burger .. hehe

  • Went to my parents in the evening with my sis and little Chloe. That's the first time baby Chloe go to my parents' place. Didn't bring her earlier cos the house is just too dusty and not healthy for the baby.

  • Slept at 2am after watching 6 episodes of Brother and Sister. Not really into it at first, but my friend recommended it to me and lend me Brother and Sister First Season. Wasn't that interesting on the first episode but as I continue watching it, I just want to watch it and wish I can finish the whole season last night! hehe.. But my eyes failed me!

Oh I snap this photo while I was at First Emporium. Dun you feel annoyed to see this type of people who park their car while others struggling to get a parking?!

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Pingko said...

Yes, I also never like Monday ever since I was a teenager. Well,now if possible, I will choose not to work on a Monday :)
Wow, you seem to have had a relaxed and enjoying weekend. Well, life has to be this way as I always say "Life is short"... Dunno if Richard agrees with me?!? :)

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