Friday, 9 November 2007

Cute Chloe

Took this picture during lunch time. Just realise that Chloe is a morning baby. She loves to smile and baby talk during day time. When it come to night time, she rarely smile eventhough how hard we try to make stupid faces....hehehe...
Few things that will stop Chloe from smiling:
  • Dirty pampers,
  • Hungry and she starts to suck her mitten,
  • When the sun is down

    2 months and 5 days

1 comment:

c5_apple said...

My God, Chloe is so.....Cute.... Nice smile too :) Like grown up a lot in this pic.
Hmm... she rarely smile when the sun is down?!? That's really unique... never heard about this before. So she needs the daylight to make her smile :) Can also call her sunflower then. Hehe...
Alright will see her tomorrow then :)

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