Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Great To Run Again

It's been over 2 months since I do any running exercise. Eversince baby Chloe was born, I just can't wait to get home and look at her cute face..hehe.. Can't imagine when I have my own children..hmmmm....

Went to Damuan Park to do my running and a female friend of mine decide to join in. Few things happen during the run. While we were running, we heard a loud screeching sound and a bang! Was looking around and saw a car accident. Good thing it's just a minor accident. One of the cars bumper fell off. Don't think it's a police case as there were no sign of police. Damuan area is prone to accidents. So many accidents happen there and still motorist drive at break neck speed.

Then I saw one of this runner whom I saw running at this park for the past few months. The first time I saw him if I'm not mistaken was in July. He is one very very fat man. I think he is in his early 20's ! I'm not being nasty here...that's is just how I describe about him. But one thing that really impress me about him is that he keep on running and running and by the time I stopped running, he is still running. And now, after over 2 months of me not going to Damuan, I saw him today and I just can't believe my eyes. He lost so much of his weight! I think he have reduces 3 times of his body size when I last saw him in September. I say to myself, if I am brave enough, I will approach to him and congratulate him!! I was really amazed...I wish I can be like him....

And the last thing that cracks me up before we head home was what my female friend says to me. After I told her about how that guy lost so much weight, and she started saying, "I used to be fat few years back"....and I was looking at her up and down...and say ...."and?"......with her body and face expression, she says "LOOK AT ME NOW!!" I just can't stand it and burst to laugh. Luckily there wasn't many people at that time. hehehe... Hey Miss A, if you read this blog, don't marah ah....hehehe..But you do slim down ^_^

Anyway, I have an enjoyable "run" today and more to come.

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Me... said...

First of all, I would like to thank Richard Chua to write about the "run" yesterday... So the next time I see you, you better keep a distance ya :p
Hehe... jk... it's ok... Ya maybe it's my funny expressions and also the way I said it... Well, good to have a laugh as it makes us look younger and it's really healthy for our heart :)
Seriously, many years back, I used to be huge. But somehow, with strong determinations and also heartbreaks, I managed to slim down... Now I still feel that I am big and wish to slim down more. But I never wish to be like anyone, and that is why when you described to me about that man, and how you wish to be like him, (well, maybe what you mean is that you wish to have enough stamina like him, right?), I don't really agree cos I always only wanted to be myself. That is why God created us individually like there's only one Pingko and one Richard. No one can be the same like us... And if we try and force ourself to be the same like others, we will not be happy and it's not our real self... Well, I am just stating my own opinion. Hope no offence or hard feelings, ok?
Ya I am glad that we both have had an enjoyable "run" and will meet again for the "run" when the weather allows us to...

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