Sunday, 2 September 2007

Perjumpaan Muhibah Penerangan 2007

As you all know JKR have just celebrated their 100th Anniversary. An exhibition of all JKR's Consultant, Contractor and other related to JKR were held at JKR Main HQ. There are about 30 booths displayed. I was suppose to be there to represent my company but unfortunately I have to attend the Perjumpaan Muhibah Penerangan 2007 for Mukim Liang. We were asked to join with one of the JKR departments to answer the questions raised by the public in Mukim Liang.

We arrived there aroun 8.30am and I can see few displays from the Police Deapartment, Fire Department, Army and some other government sectors. The event start with Question and Answer session between the government sectors and the village heads of each area in Mukim Liang. Lots of questions have been raised from low water pressure to poison wild boar. hehe.. quite interesting. But it took the whole morning for the Q&A session. Once it's finish, no one from the public visit any of the displays as it's already 12:45pm. We feel a bit disappointed but it's nice to see that the government sectors take concern of the public.

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c5_apple said...

Wa.. the Q & A session took the whole morning?!? Hmm... Although, I am not so sure what exactly it's all about, but it seems to be quite interesting :) But poor thing as you mentioned that no one visited any of the displays. Can roughly see from the pics posted here that the posters are nicely arranged and displayed.
Well, it's the government sectors' job to be concerned for the public. That's how things can be improved and to provide better services for the people.

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