Sunday, 30 September 2007

Full Moon for Baby Chloe

The time have arrived where baby Chloe will meet most of her relatives on her full moon or in chinese we called 'Man Yek'. On this day, she will have her first hair cut and nails clipped. And not forgetting wearing her new cloth and not forgetting her 'bling bling' :) While the baby is beeing groomed, the father will go out and deliver red eggs and chicken to the mother's side of the family. This symbolise that baby Chloe have reach a month old.

Later that evening, the baby's family were invited to the house to celebrate Chloe's Man Yek. Most of the guests bring gift for the baby and the gift look so cute and tiny. Unfortunately, Chloe's was a bit moody that night as she keep on crying, so the parents decide to put her in bed and sleep. The guest will have to tip toe to the room just to see her..hehe..

The night went well and it's good to mingle around with our new relatives.

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