Thursday, 27 September 2007

Food!! Food!! Food!!

In this upcoming few days, I will be stuffed with food and more food!

Saturday, 29 Spetember
I will be attending a wedding reception at Orchid Garden. Imagine the food serve in a chinese wedding. There will be like 8 dishes! Orchid Garden Hotel is really popular with their food and facilities for wedding reception.

Sunday, 30 September
It's my niece, Chloe Yung 1 month old 'birthday'. In Chinese culture, a baby's first month birthday calls for a celebration. Proud parents introduce their latest addition to friends and relatives by holding a red egg and ginger party. Lysee or "lucky money" in red envelopes is often given to baby boys, while girls may receive expensive jewelry. The guests don't leave empty handed, either. The parents hand out red-dyed eggs, symbolizing happiness and the renewal of life.

Parents may also use the brightly colored eggs to announce the birth; an even number of eggs are sent out for a boy, and an odd number to announce a baby girl.

Monday, 1 October
We will be having a birthday dinner. It's my dad's advanced 60th Birthday :) Wishing my dad a Wonderful 60th Birthday. The actual birthday is on 3 October but since we will be moving house on that day, I'm sure we don't have the time to celebrate it. In Chinese believe that, it's good to move or do any activities at a proper day so that the moving or the activities will be running smoothly. It's our 'pantang' also that, it's best to celebrate the birthday in advance rather than belated.

We normally chipped in for our parents' birthday. This year, we will be getting dad this season Liverpool FC jersey, a pair of new shoes and a belt :) I'm not afraid to mentioned the birthday present in here as my dad doesn't know much about internet and doesn't know about blogging :)

And to those who is celebrating their birthday in October... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ^_^

Birthday Graphics

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Legalized Mistress said...

Yeah had fun at Chloe's one month 'birthday' dinner. Food from Curry House restaurant was also nice... Really enjoyed myself! Hope she will like the gifts :)
Ya Happy Birthday to dad... Hope you all had fun at the dinner and I am sure dad will like the gifts from his children no matter what he will receives... Hehe... ok chat with you soon. Take care :)

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